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Happy Sunday!

Today I tried something new.  I was messing around with the gradient tool on CS5.   I decided to do orange mixing in with the Fall season.  What a cool effect.  Inspired via pinterest.  Have a Happy Sunday.  Will share my weekend with you this week. =)

Inspirational juice of the day.

Inspirational juice of the day

When your in the moment its hard to see that there is something better.  This dearest quote is lovely.  Keep truckin’ along.

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Love takes time.  With minutes to hours, it continues to count time.  An hour glass recycles its grain of sands as it measures the times.  This reminds me of forgiveness.  No matter how many times it is recycled again and again and again…FORGIVENESS lightens the burden.  Recycle your forgiveness like an hour glass recycle it’s grain of sand bits.



As I embrace this Fall season, I love to capture the changes around here in Oregon.  There is this big pine tree in the backyard and pine cones always drop to the little balcony.  So I get the joy of capturing photos of these pretty dainty pine cones.  Not the typically thick detail pine cones I am use to.  Just a little nudge of excitement to start off the Fall season!

Happy FALL!

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DIY Cork Stamps.

  1.  Get your cork (s)
  2. X-acto tool
  3. Shape you want to cut.
  4. Cut it how ever you desire. (The thickness of the stamp is by preference)

As I am house bound due to my circumstances I refuse to let time pass without being productive.  Allowed my creative juice to flow with items I already have.  Cork projects never gets old for me.  I was pinteresting and stumbled on cork stamps! Splendid..I thought.  Grabbed my corks and X-acto knife and got to work.  Now I just need my stamp pad.  Stamps of all kinds can be made.  Design of any sort.  I decided to make a signature stamp for this project.  Along with snapping some shots with the Nikon.  Stay tune with my stamps to be in use!


Fall is here…bring out the fall color galore!

I’m currently wearing Gray Area with a dash of glitter on my ring fingers.

What a way to start off my week. Happy Monday!


New Graduates

Approximately a year ago, I scrambled as a new grad to get a job.  There were many factors in place of this and I knew I had to grow patience.  Ohhhh did my Lord teach me patience, love, and trust all in one.  I then got my job and excited ready to hit the floor and work my 8 hour shifts rather than 12s.  More of a surprise than expected.  The load I was handling didn’t compare to what I was trained and I had to completely trust in Him to guide me through it every step of the way.  Not close to my dream job, but it helped me grow and become a “thicker skin” nurse.  We need this as nurses to survive!  People who aren’t feeling well are at their worst at times and dealing with it can be hard sometimes.  Be compassionate and firm.  My read this morning reminded me of this and I am inspired to right this post to encourage my new graduates or individuals who are still unemployed with a great RN license behind their name!
The hope is there, it needs to be continued to be found.  It is easy to give up and harder to keep chuckling along.   Patience truly is a virtue.  The characteristics He taught me along the way was worth the wait!  There will be days of feeling hopeless and dark.  It is real and it is a true feeling you will have.

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Dainty Rings

I have been in this dainty ring fetish lately. A few of my favorites:

The collection of beautiful things from Magpieandrye

In love with the dainty heart ring along with the alphabet ones.  These can become stack-ables. In the Wedding&Engagement section of Catbirdnyc.

Speckle band with Diamond from Catbirdnyc.

Stack-ables and/or wear them alone.  Dainty as can be. Designed by BelViaggioDesigns

What has your fetish been lately?



Just a little teaser flyer made truly by Benslamin.  Work always done with passion.  I can appreciate the details. Your creative mind flows like no other.  Unique and gifted you are!

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