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GREEN day!!


Go hunt for your four leaf clover…and/or enjoy your Sunday celebrating St. patty (that is if you do celebrate it) and be safe!  I am satisfied with my 3 heart shaped clover.

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Sweet message from Heaven


Grace freely given to us and something we can do to gain. SLOW to anger a virtue hard to gain and its reachable with His guidance and teaching. His steadfast love amazes me!

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Thanks for dropping in to say hello. It made our Christmas eve!  I never ate so much sugar cookies until today. It was yummy especially the edible silver decor. -Love T & B
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Inspiration juice of the day

Naturally the passion will just flow and even under the most stress you are still enjoying what you do!


One Month!

Time is passing by so fast!  I do know especially with babies they grow so fast every moment needs to be embraced.  I can’t believe it has already been a month since my little guy has been breathing the air of this world.  Heres an update of the little mister. He is always sleeping and told my sister embrace the moment for NOW!  A month and a day!

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LOVE lines stacked.

Love heals broken hearts.  Love brings joy to your life.  Love faces challenges.  Love is sacrifice.  Love shapes your virtues.  Let yourself love now and/or again.  You have more than you know. Let go and LOVE.

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Baby Ryan has arrived. FINALLY!

Love at first sight!  You made me smile this week.  A moment of frustration or sadness lands in my lap all I need to do is look at your cute self sleeping and my heart calms down.  If we can go back to being like a child at heart life will be more simple.  Auntie can stare at you all day and I will when I meet you in person!  Can’t wait to get these booties on your little feet.  =D xoxo

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Love takes time.  With minutes to hours, it continues to count time.  An hour glass recycles its grain of sands as it measures the times.  This reminds me of forgiveness.  No matter how many times it is recycled again and again and again…FORGIVENESS lightens the burden.  Recycle your forgiveness like an hour glass recycle it’s grain of sand bits.