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Thenaday-Last Summer


Last summer we had friends visiting.  Ohhh these two…I couldn’t get enough of them.  B and I miss you guys mucho!!!  Here are a few photos I took of them as they explored Cannon Beach or as they call it here “THE COAST”.  It was Kara’s first time touching the North Pacific Ocean’s water.  The little things that puts a smile on ones face–ohhh I LOVE!  Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark ii.  Enjoy!

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Thenaday Thursday- St.Pete Bridge

Last December I went home to go visit my nephew back home in Florida and got the chance to catch up with a friend from college.  YES, this post was suppose to happen months ago and it didn’t.  I knew with all the craziness start of the year this post was going to be one of my thenadays.  J, I hope you enjoy and YES it was well worth it going across both sides of the bridge view!

I was lucky to catch this bird in mid-air just perfectly aligning with the St. Pete Bridge.

There was plenty of pelicans sitting on the side waiting for the moment to snatch their lunch off a line of a man working hard in the sun to catch his.  Photos taken with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 35mm lens.  Hope you enjoyed the go out and take advantage of the sun if it came out to play on your side of the town!

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Thenadays- Hint of teal here and there.

A week in NY on Long island with my lovely friend Kaci. The Nursing school journey ended and we were starting the real life. In the moment we were searching for our nursing job and applying like a mad woman. Moment of editing the small changes here and there for our resumes. In between it all, I decided to visit Kaci and explore the inner towns of New York and she took me around Long Island. One place I got to experience was her family’s cottage in Breezy Shores in Green Port, NY. My was this place a small cute village with about 20 cottages. Meals and wine during the day with the breezy wind from the shore–just what the name had to offer. Photos taken by yours truly–Nikon D80 with 50mm lens. YES, I do love my 50mm lens out of my collection of lens. There was a hint of teal in my Long Island collection. Enjoy…the hint of teal here and there.

It was relaxing just as the photo above portrays. We were watching the sailboats racing with one another across the shore. It was much needed after a few years of craziness from Nursing school. I was always reminded by my dear Kaci to relax and this was something that was not in my everyday life while in Nursing school. You better bet I have learned what it really means to RELAX and take time for myself. YOU shall do the same. Happy Thursday and go take time to RELAX today!

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Thenaday Thursday @ Oneonta Gorge in Columbia River

Walks, hopping over on the logs to get to our destination.

Even the Pug can do it on the pile of logs on top of each other!

Gorgeous caves.  Cold water, felt great after a few miles of hike on the horsetail.

New kicks all wet, but still look fresh.

Macro of wood chip.  I heart the contrast of wood chip against the flow of water and leaves.

Fish eye shot of the small rocks in the pathway.

Moss trees while hiking. Greens everywhere!

Mission accomplish!  Everyone’s sneakers got wet by the end of this trip.  The hiking crew.  Thanks Andrada for showing us around the Gorge.

All that hard work lead us to this. The Oneonta Fall.  The breeze, enjoyment of swimming in deep waters under the water fall.  Felt like heaven.

I had to capture this great work of architecture design of this tunnel on our way back to the car.

This is one of the must places to go when your here in Oregon!

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Laurelhurst Park

There are plenty of parks here in Portland. Laurelhurst is one of the few I am in love with. A park filled with green grass, a pond filled with ducks with intricate details of outer appearance, picnic tables, basketball/volleyball court, soccer field, unleashed dog area, and many more. A pet friendly park and family/friends can come together and enjoy the recreation and what it has to offer! In the 1980s the PP&R tried to rid the ducks from the pond due to murkiness look of the pond. It was unsuccessful and here the duck stays! Whooo hoo. My day spent here was with mutual friends of my half and I from Miami: Elena and William. William is a film/photographer. We went picture galore at this park. Here are a few to walk you through my day at Laurelhurst Park.  RAW shots with very minimal editing.  All natural blur from the D80.  Natural lighting is the best shots.  I went picture galore with macro shots.

The fuzzy balls caught my attention.

Overflown tree. Love its features.

Summer shot, but felt like a Christmas–maybe the fern made it so.

Spider making its web. Fascinating!

Bee pollinating on the hot pink daisy.

Bee pollinating on carnation.

Glade Mallows.

Mallard duck with blue spot feather.

Pond filled with Mallards.

Mommy & me feeding the ducks.  This was a must capture.  I admire something so simple can excite these little ones.

Elena and Will, friends from home.  Always great to have a buddy go picture galore with ya!

The shadows of light bouncing on the leaves.

Brick pathway into the wilderness.

Come visit this park if you are ever in Portland! Especially the summer to have a relaxing picnic, a run, walk in park with your dog, or feed the ducks.  They will appreciate it.

Happy Labor day weekend! Catch up with ya later.

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Thenadays at Crater Lake

Our trip to the Crater lake.  A caldera formed from a collapsed volcano Mt. Mazama. I’ve seen photos of this place and it was on Oregon’s top 10 must go places.  I noted to myself I must go here and capture my own moments with crater lake.  Come via the journey with me!

The fair lady Z got us to our destination.

Windy roads and beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t want to drive a manual on this course?! I heart the thrill..

Time of embracing the fresh air early AM before heading to Crater Lake.

Cameo shorts walking in path of leaves.

Chipmunks.  We cross paths everywhere in Oregon.

Water rushing through boulder rocks.

Hidden in the greens.

The formation of the clouds above the land.

The Phantom Ship:  name arrived from “ghost-like” appearance.

The Pinnacles: Needle-like formation from Mt Mazama

Last shot heading before heading back home.

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Thenadays Thursday: Laura

As I scramble through my album, I came across the photos of Laura; when I decided to go and test out my new tripod my half gifted to me.  With the natural lighting not being so great the tripod definitely helped a lot with these shots!  A plus side was a the model of mine. Willing, fun-filled, flexible, goofy, and gorgeous your are. Here are a few RAW, no editing, or tweaking photos to share our journey for the day.

A day out with Nikon and Laura photo opin’

I surrender!!!!

Swinging like Tarzan on the hanging twig!  The twigs were so natural and pretty.  One day I want to swing from a twig into the lake!

Gorgeous colorful stump we found along the way of our photo shoot.  I appreciate this art piece.

So pretty and beautiful you are! Thank your for being a sport in being my model even though you felt a little awkward that day!

Btw, great hearing from you! Your in my thoughts and prayer.