RANDOMS of the weekend.

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Ice Cream Social UPDATE!

The build of the excitement continued as the day approach from everyone a part of this event.  A thought came to fruition with hard work and passion.  Nights of brainstorming and chit chatting to bounce off of each others ideas.  Brain in action to create with confidence.  Greater than good fam putting together the art event.  Great work fam!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.

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Baby Ryan has arrived. FINALLY!

Love at first sight!  You made me smile this week.  A moment of frustration or sadness lands in my lap all I need to do is look at your cute self sleeping and my heart calms down.  If we can go back to being like a child at heart life will be more simple.  Auntie can stare at you all day and I will when I meet you in person!  Can’t wait to get these booties on your little feet.  =D xoxo

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Whats in her BAG?

Some of the many items I carry with me:





Stay tune. A post on Baby Ryan is on its way.   He became a part of this world yesterday!  I’m falling in love all over again.  Auntie love you Baby Ryan!


C. P. R.

Out of the three C. P. R.  I never thought my days working as a nurse I would say to myself “I need that coffee!”  I was revived by my daily much needed coffee.  Wow, my first year as a nurse consist of surviving off the energy of caffeine from my daily coffee.  I finally understood the necessity and great taste of coffee my half couldn’t stay away from.  After a year on this I decided to wean off of it and the withdrawals were of no fun.  Finally I switch back to my tea and then quit the caffeine all together.  Of course that goes to say with my much calmer job now the daily caffeine is not needed.  A cup of tea is more to relax me now than fuel me up for energy!  So now I drink decaf tea.  I know my nursing fellow mates can appreciate this comic as I know many who thrive on this to survive!  =)

I truly appreciate Randy’s comics.

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Inspirational Juice of the day.

My thoughts: Many dreams do not come to fruition because it stays as an idea.  Plan, Reasearch, Execute, Live it!  I encourage you  to create your journey.


Happy Birthday Melody!!  Big DREAMS ahead of you!!!!!!!  (-_*) The great has yet to come. Great plans in the making.  Your spirit, joy, smile, laughter….I love it all. The good and the bad.  I wish you the best of both worlds.  A new chapter means a new journey. The world is yours! Glad God made ways to have our paths cross. <3, T


Favs of the KEEP CALM posters.

As a nurse, I don’t know how many times I have to remind myself to KEEP CALM..these posters help remind me.  I’m sure WE all need this reminder once in a while.  Still deciding which ones should be at my desk…as of right now I want all of them!

Soother to my mind and soul= BAKE Via Gimmesomeoven

Travel adds more spice to my life. Via Travelandleisure

I like Coffee…via Keepcalmstudio

But I LOVE tea more…Via Etsy

The creativity flows when I am on Illustrator designing away! Via Craftandcouture

Hugs make me smile! Via Yvonnebyattsfamilyfun Blogspot