New Graduates

Approximately a year ago, I scrambled as a new grad to get a job.  There were many factors in place of this and I knew I had to grow patience.  Ohhhh did my Lord teach me patience, love, and trust all in one.  I then got my job and excited ready to hit the floor and work my 8 hour shifts rather than 12s.  More of a surprise than expected.  The load I was handling didn’t compare to what I was trained and I had to completely trust in Him to guide me through it every step of the way.  Not close to my dream job, but it helped me grow and become a “thicker skin” nurse.  We need this as nurses to survive!  People who aren’t feeling well are at their worst at times and dealing with it can be hard sometimes.  Be compassionate and firm.  My nurse.com read this morning reminded me of this and I am inspired to right this post to encourage my new graduates or individuals who are still unemployed with a great RN license behind their name!
The hope is there, it needs to be continued to be found.  It is easy to give up and harder to keep chuckling along.   Patience truly is a virtue.  The characteristics He taught me along the way was worth the wait!  There will be days of feeling hopeless and dark.  It is real and it is a true feeling you will have.

Tips on your new journey of nursing:

  • DO NOT be afraid to apply to any job you see open.  You never know where it will lead you and the potential you THINK you have is GREATER.  You won’t know it until you give it a TRY!
  • Your credentials might not be fitted as you read the job descriptions and when the person who calls you for an interview see what will fit their company, I say go for it with ALL your heart, even if you don’t get the job.  It is practice on how to present yourself to the company.
  • I was once told, “If they hired you, they will train you, so DON’T be afraid”.
  • Be bold, courageous, and TRUST in Him who will provide for you rather its guidance, knowledge, wisdom, or a place where He knows you fit best!
  • Take the first job you get offered and remember to not sail yourself short.  Know your potential and what you have to offer.  Negotiate the salary and also know when to pick your battles.  Always remember, you have to start off somewhere. =)
  • When you get the job and even if it’s not your dream job pay the dues and gain the experience.  Don’t lose heart when it is rough, remind yourself why you chose nursing as your career.

My first job was hard, challenging, scary, and many moments of me choking.  My colleagues around me continually reminded me of how great I was doing.  I, myself couldn’t see it at the moment and it was because I was trying to reach the perfect nurse I thought I should be instead of taking it slow and learning my role.  Keep focus like a laser beam.  Your not in a race with anyone else.  You are building the unique nurse characteristics you were made to be.  Give it time. You will learn the ropes better.  You will be the close to perfect nurse you imagine yourself to be.  Surround yourself around the positive individuals and take criticism as your BEST FRIEND.  Some are hard to swallow, like swallowing a horse pill.  I promise it will make you GROW towards your confidence and build you to be strong with thick skin.  STAY humble while doing so.

The job I am doing now as a POST CARE advice nurse, something I totally didn’t imagine myself doing.  Its been a few months now and I am in love with it everyday.  Some rough days and that is expected with any job, even the job you love!  Take the good with the bad.  He knew me more than I knew myself.  I will take His lead and allow His fingerprint in my life.  WITHOUT Him I am nothing.

Email me with any questions you may have!  A helping hand in editing your resume or giving you tips is also welcome!


Happy 1 year to my nursing career.


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