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UPDATE: Anu and Tom’s moment of Tying the Knot.

Anu and Tom’s tie the knot moment.  All photos taken with Canon Rebel T3i.

Blessing ceremony and prayer at the Bride’s house prior to heading to the church to meet the groom.



The gorgeous bride.


Love the combination of her red roses and the gold.



All details of the jewelry and the Henna.


The flower girls.



The saree–all made of just three pieces:the blouse, the bottom skirt, and the long wrap.  It almost feels like its just one big fabric wrapped around the body to form this beautiful dress.  Simple and delicate–love it!


The knot has been tied…Look at the happily newlywed!


I had to take one last shot of the Groom before heading out to the reception!

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milk tea-01

Not a big fan of coffee and love tea? You may fall in love with this as much as I did. Its so simple and not much effort at all. Make it yourself at home any time of the day!

milk tea 1-01

1) Pick your tea. I prefer Jasmine or black tea.

milk tea 2-01

2) As you can see Jasmine was my pick! I used loose herbs of Jasmine tea. Don’t have time to use tea infuser? Use a tea bag. It’s just as good! A tea I grew up drinking with my parents and the older folks. I would say most Asians can vouch they grew up around this jasmine tea brand and/or even drank it and still does!

milk tea 3-01

3) Leave the tea in the water for as long as you like. The longer the stronger the tea extract. I left the tea leaves in the boiling water for about 3-4 minutes. As you can see, I used a strainer to separate my tea leaves..ghetto fab huge strainer..I know! Use what you have in the kitchen and make it work is what momma always said. Be creative.

milk tea 4-014) Milk can be used with sugar. I did a little experiment and fell in love! I used french vanilla creamer. I filled the cup with 3/4 of boiled water with the tea extract and about 1/4 of the creamer. It really depends how sweet you want it. All by preference!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I whip this concoction up for a relaxing time. All photos taken by me with the Canon 5D Mark ii Hope your Tuesday was a great day.

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Sweet message from Heaven


Trials help you grow. When it is dark, the hope is at the end of the tunnel. Have more Faith and let go of the doubt. He knows your plan and He has the Greater plan.

Happy Monday!!! Hope your weekend was well.

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Palate craves

My palate has been craving for fruits and this is one of my go to snacks for my sugar crave. I love the chocolates and it has been too much unnatural sweets making me fatigue. Time to feed my body what it truly craves for and can naturally process.

Some nutrition facts to share about grapefruit:

– low in calories & plenty of fiber source– enough to clear those toxins out of your colon membranes

– loaded with antioxidants– good to fight off free radicals and for better vision! (Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases) Antioxidants help keep those skin tight and young….Big plus for me and you! Who doesn’t want that?!

– Vitamin A & C (anti-oxidants)- A is great for the skin and C is great to help body resist against infectious agents and scare away those free radicals!

– Potassium–an electrolyte the body needs to help with the sodium effect to control heart rate and blood pressure, important component of cells and body fluids.

-Also loaded with Lycopene (flavonoid anti-oxidant): provides protection from UV rays and offers protection for prostate cancer.

For a sweeter taste to the grapefruit while snacking I add a tiny sprinkle of salt. Such a nostalgic moment. Reminds me of my mother– every time she peeled a grapefruit there was always a small bowl of salt right next to it. As a child you always trusted your mother because she knows best. This is how I’ve always known to eat grapefruit and it never left me. The older I get I’m starting to see my mother’s teaching ooze out of me. This only reminds me I am getting older–starting to be like my mother state! And I know my sisters can vouch for this! *wink & grine*



Hope you love grapefruit more now with all the facts and a sprinkle of salt. Happy Friday!

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Dainty GOLD rings

Finally found my dainty gold rings after a few months! Love it that I can wear it in all sorts of ways with combos of all sorts. Simple and plain enough for me to doll up my outfits. I happen to stumble on these beauties at forever21! See what happens when you stop hunting for them? They fall in your lap unexpectedly. I apologize for my non polished nails. At least it’s neatly shaped and trimmed though right?!


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HENNA- temporary tattoo

Henna is made from a plant called Lawsonia inermis. I have been introduced to Henna by my dear friend Anu. During nursing school I was able to use the henna to do are of temporary tattooing on people’s arms, legs, feet, and hands for a UGANDA fundraise. For the first time in my life I was able to experience the joy of Henna on my hands, front and back. Henna is also known to be used not only for art temporary tattoos, it is also used as dye for hair, nail, skin, fingernails, leather, and wool. Henna is usually done during weddings and the brides hands and arms are decked out with neat and intricate designs drawn by hand. The bride got hers done so Kaci, Mel, and I joined! Thanks Anu for taking care of us so well!!!


The finished work.


The henna dries and crusts off in 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the Henna that was applied.


I couldn’t use my hands for about 20 minutes. Thank goodness I didn’t have to use the rest room. The wait for it to dry and set it was well worth it. After the 15 minutes, a cotton ball drenched with lime juice was dabbed onto the henna art. The lime juice makes the henna darker.



It was fun while it lasted. I still have it on and its been a week and two days. The palm of my hands still have a few dark spots and it totally looks weird!! When I came back and went to the supermarket the cashier asked me if it was real. I love body art on others. I have not come to the courage to have it on my body just yet. Henna art work is the closest I have to tattooing.






After flying from Delhi to Cochin with great laughters in between it all, we arrived to this meal.  FINALLY–Kaci, Mel, and I ventured out and tried food in the restuarant.  Our friend’s family we stayed with was protecting us from trying any type of street food so we won’t get sick.  You would think three nurses would be more careful.  This moment felt like our childhood again–we know we shouldn’t and we did anyways.  Ohh that pineapple juice shake..YES we tried it.  My crazy body and the no spicy food rule.  I took a second venture and ate the REALLY spicy food anyways knowing what it will do to me later. It was delish!!!  We ordered chicken fried rice, fish curry, and butter chicken.  WOW!  In the mean while the meal was great and we glad we ventured out.  More to come later on what happened later on that day!