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Thenadays at Crater Lake

Our trip to the Crater lake.  A caldera formed from a collapsed volcano Mt. Mazama. I’ve seen photos of this place and it was on Oregon’s top 10 must go places.  I noted to myself I must go here and capture my own moments with crater lake.  Come via the journey with me!

The fair lady Z got us to our destination.

Windy roads and beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t want to drive a manual on this course?! I heart the thrill..

Time of embracing the fresh air early AM before heading to Crater Lake.

Cameo shorts walking in path of leaves.

Chipmunks.  We cross paths everywhere in Oregon.

Water rushing through boulder rocks.

Hidden in the greens.

The formation of the clouds above the land.

The Phantom Ship:  name arrived from “ghost-like” appearance.

The Pinnacles: Needle-like formation from Mt Mazama

Last shot heading before heading back home.


Lady in Blue

Minimal editing by yours truly.  He will be a great photographer one of these days.  Still in training by me and others. My illustrator/photoshop lessons from him in trade for the photography lessons I can give him! Great compliment. 😉   Check out My better half’s art work! He is a talented up and coming artist. Amazing pieces.  I’m not saying this because I’m his lady, but I have always been intrigued and inspired since I saw his drawings back in our youngin’ days.

Always been inspired with his drawing abilities, art/design eye, and detailed work. Hope you enjoy!

Inspirational juice of the day.

Inspirational juice of the day.

While conversing to my sisters about hurricanes on its way into Florida, reminds me although some things are predictable, like the hurricane, the moment in every second happens so quickly you just never know what will happen.  When the change is gradual, you have more time to embrace it. Rather it is filled with joy/sadness.  The change will mold you for the greater that is yet to come.  Its the 2nd day of this week. Make it worthwhile! Happy Tuesday.



Almost every AM I have been awoken by my two best-friends.  Updates of our daily life, a box to share our thoughts, a place to ramble, I love it all! Connected I feel and its true when they say absence makes the heart fonder! I am fonder of you two gals every second of the day. Love you Chi Hai and Em HuHu! Happy Monday! What makes your heart grow fonder?

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Post on my adventure in Pearl District as I took what intrigued my eye along the way. Black and white series of randoms.

This describes PDX well.  A city not lack of art.  Surrounded by art in every way.  Buildings to walls to floors.  Much appreciated!

A row of doors decorated with art and quotes.  This one captured me.

I love alleys and lights hanging above.  It gives it a romance ambiance.

Last one as I get into the car to go home.  I got lost in the night.  It was fun.  My friends walking ahead and I’m captivated by the art intriguing my inner mind.  First time exploring night life PDX and being captivated by art in the dark.

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One of my favorite Vietnamese spot in Beaverton: Tan Tan Cafe and Deli. Family owned and sweet ladies serving. I have became friends with these ladies that serve my half and I every time we go there. Quite odd to me, but every time I speak in Vietnamese, other Vietnamese people are shock out of their mind. I am mistaken for to be Chinese or mixed with other sorts of Asian ethnicity. Small conversations, GREAT food. Almost like a fast food Vietnamese hot spot! There are plenty I have tried here and everything is YUM. My favorite of all times is the Banh Xeo Cuon. Here are some photos for you to make your mouth salivate!

If you ever make it add beer to the batter.  Just a bit (about 1/3 cup), it makes the pancake thing and crisp.  I typically use Heineken.  I can’t live without my fish sauce.  It smells bad to others who aren’t use to it, but I love it.  It entices my meals. Rice paper makes it easier to eat and the joy of making the wrap is fun, time consuming a bit, and keeps you occupied as your stomach is digesting the delish dish.  Before you know it you can’t stuff your face too much.  For me by my 3rd roll I’m already filled!

Great way for portion control.

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Update-August Babies Bash.

My sepia inspired update on the birthday bash with a splash of color here and there.  Enjoy!

The Gregory condominium in Pearl district.

Elevator shot idea from my half. Along with me carrying the party things and snapping this shot. Not bad!

I am lactose intolerance and surprisingly this didn’t make me bloated and gassy like all other dairy products! I wonder what did the trick?!!

Thank you Fanny for letting us use your gorgeous antique punch bowl!

Vikram’s infamous drink! It was DELISH!

Model: Amy, arm-candy. I heart her Nixon watch. Gorgeous!

The August Babies.

They are hard to find. Keep them when you find them.

Fun bunch.

Model: Melody. Admired your silver, simple, hoop.

I heart flowers. Especially Hydrangeas. Thanks Amy!!! Simple, cute, and enough. You know me well. Side note: Thank you Stephan for picking them!

Great choice on the card. Thuy-ram loves it! As Our friends said, : You still look young!

Just as I expected.

It was a SUCCESS. Thuy-Ram bash it became!

Thank you friends and company for all the fun filled night!

Highlights of my night:

  • One hundred, One Hundred, One hundred
  • Us Asians and this B/W guy
  • Elevator sac punch–Andrada on the floor
  • Dancin’ on stage–space + fresh air + no sweat
  • Thuy and Melody bieber– “Me: If I was your girlfriend; Melody: Never let me go
  • Albatrosse–James turning red as he gets closer to solving the riddle
  • Machine gun–Amy’s machine gun sound
  • Riddles–never gets old–get those neurotransmitters forming
  • Our nicknames–Thuy-ram, Vik-thuy, twig-ram.

I hope that was worth while for ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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August babies bash

So after a few weeks of talking about a gather for our bash together we are finally coming through with it. My half helped me with tips on typography, spacing, alignment, and etc.  I wrapped up a last minute invitation for our friends invite. Plain ole Jane is great, but I wanted to add a little bit more touch to our invite. With a little talk here and there we finalized it last on Wednesday night. First official bash for me I have to say. I’m not much of a celebration type of gal when it comes to my birthday. A low key celebration is fine for me. All I ask for is great company and great food/snacks. Not much right? Our gather for our 27th bash is laid-back and low key. Vik thanks for opening your place up to the crazy/fun filled companies of ours to throw our bash! I can’t wait for tonight to happen!!

Stay tune for moments that will be captured of our fun-filled night.

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Inspirational juice of the day.

While commenting back and forth on each others blog, smilingtoad took me through a journey of how the Wanderlust shots came about. I admire nature+ sunset+ beach+ photography all in one. Smilingtoad had them all in his wanderlust shots. He shared this and it took me into a beautiful/visual deep journey filled with fun as capture the photos of what his eye saw:

smilingtoad said:

August 20, 2012 at 1:27 PM

Oh thank you! When we pulled up, and I noted the sunset, I realized, “Oh would it not be the most brilliant plot to get a shot with the lighthouse figure to the right?” “Yes! Brilliant” I responded to myself. I craned and hopped and darted all around, nearly crashing into a couple walking some very large dogs in my ardour, but this image was impossible from either the beach or the usual path. I looked down and saw a mini-mire, sort of swamp, many mosquitoe-swathed mangrove trees humming, and a “path” that was really mud-flat. I had no wellies, and was at the mercy of the blood-loving insects. I dashed right into the sinking, slimy mud, nearly slipped right into oblivion, but managed a bit of balance, ands moved along as fast I could, mud squishing, splashing, dashing all over me. I continued with a tenacity, hopping onto a rescuing rock or root whenever possible. It wound around and finally met the water and some SAND. The water chimed as it rushed along, smelling of brine- and I found paradise. Hooo worth it!! Only a few dedicated fishermen, and nutty photographer-wish-oh-wish-they-weres, get to gaze upon this sight. Right ho! Thank you for the comment! Many smiling cheers,

Autumn Jade


tee2envisage said:

August 20, 2012 at 1:39 PM

Wow, you just took me through a beautiful/visual journey you had! Can I tell you this is what happens when I myself see something beautiful that needs to be captured so I can show the world? The dashing between couples walking their dog, I can totally relate to that! My friend and family thinks I’m crazy when my photography juices are captured by moments like this. What a fun craft to be passionate with eh? When the eye meets the beautiful craft, it is irresistible and inevitable to ignore!

Quote inspired during our conversation. Check out Wanderlust shots!

Have a happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch ya up later.

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Thenadays Thursday: Laura

As I scramble through my album, I came across the photos of Laura; when I decided to go and test out my new tripod my half gifted to me.  With the natural lighting not being so great the tripod definitely helped a lot with these shots!  A plus side was a the model of mine. Willing, fun-filled, flexible, goofy, and gorgeous your are. Here are a few RAW, no editing, or tweaking photos to share our journey for the day.

A day out with Nikon and Laura photo opin’

I surrender!!!!

Swinging like Tarzan on the hanging twig!  The twigs were so natural and pretty.  One day I want to swing from a twig into the lake!

Gorgeous colorful stump we found along the way of our photo shoot.  I appreciate this art piece.

So pretty and beautiful you are! Thank your for being a sport in being my model even though you felt a little awkward that day!

Btw, great hearing from you! Your in my thoughts and prayer.