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Summer is drawing near to the end and I am enjoying my little bits of my jasmine blueberry ice tea.

  Fall is approaching fairly quick.  Here on the west coast we have to take advantage of the sun when it is out to play. ENJOY your labor day weekend.



Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi_ tee2envisage

A sister restaurant to Pok Pok.  Noi means “Little or tiny bit”.


My favorite: The WINGS! Ohhh mi goodness Ahhmazing!!!  They are known for their Vietnamese flavoring wings.  Some how or another over the years my palette decided to give up spice all together.  I have no tolerance for spicy food anymore.  I know as a a Vietnamese gal this is quite absurd and sad.  My mother still can’t get over this when I told her.  She literally said, “Train your spice tolerance again!”  For these wings, I will train my spice tolerance again.


I must have my Papaya salad every chance I get.  Simple and easy to eat.  Although this one was a bit salty for my taste.

photo 2

To wrap up my birthday lunch, YES I had to order my mango and sticky rice.  Not only do I LOVE mangos, I love the coconut drizzle with the combination of the sticky rice. Yums of goodness.  If you stop by Portland, you MUST stop by just to try the wings.  I just found out they are also located in NY.  I can’t vouch for the one in NY, but if ya’ll try it in NY let me know how it is!  

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Be uncomfortable. Take the challenge and grow! You and I are made for more. Don’t choose comfort. What have you done that was uncomfortable and looking on hindsight made you realized that one thing helped you grow more than you imagined?

Have a happy Friday!






INSTAs of late. Filled with fruits, typography, flowers, and FOOD. YUM also snuck one of baby Ryan! Can’t wait to see him in NOV!

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birthday WEEKEND

BDAY 2013

Blessed with another year is all I can ask for.  On hindsight last year was filled with many challenges, hiccups, and accomplishments.  I planned and more doors opened.  There were times of uncertainty and I knew I will end the year with I’m ready for the next challenge!  Simple and chilled birthday is all I needed this year.

HBD from the future

Ever since I dog-sat the two Frenchies for our friends I fell in love!  My big smile was because of this reminder: my future frenchie will be here soon.  My creative and loving half drew our future Frenchie.  Love the details.

HBD love note

Every time I read a card from him it melts my heart and eyes filled with happy tears.  The words are much when needed and very heart felt.  Thank you love!

CZ Cards

The CZ cards are simple and pretty.  I will share more about these cards and it’s creators soon. Such a sweet story to the makings of this!  Hope you enjoyed the photos all taken with the Canon Mark II 5D. Have a great TUESDAY!

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DIY Gold & Glitter Jars|Vase


An empty glass, gold spray paint and glitter spray.   Thats just it…thats all you need. I used an old jar from spaghetti sauce.


Spray the jar gold.


Add the glitter spray….


OR leave it matte!  Now go fancy up your desk with your new gold jars as a vase or writing utensil holders.  Keep it simple and pretty.  I am glad its FRIDAY..enjoy your weekend!

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Summer is leaving us soon.   For the last two years it has been a bittersweet transition of season for me.  I came across a snow cone booth this past weekend  at the Oregon Bite…how could I just pass it and not get one?!  It was 80 degrees out AND I needed something to cool me down.  It was a nostalgic moment…I felt like a little kid again.  While my half was coloring our shaved ice I was behind the Canon Mark II capturing away.




I hope you are enjoying the last bits of SUMMER 2013..I can’t believe we are already half way through AUGUST.  Happy Thursday!

Grain and Gristle.

Guilty of not having a real burger since my days in West Palm Beach at GREASE.  I have been meaning to try Grain and Gristle’s Brunch.  FIRST time ordering a burger for brunch…Usually I would immediately order the french toast with berries.  NOPE not this time….waiter convinced me it was a MUST try burger as many rated this burger the BEST in Portland.  Better yet the fries were on point!  I love some crispy fries.


I love the wood and simple monogram of G & G against this brick wall color.

One of my favorite burger in Portland thus far…the other is Little BIG BURGER.  Maybe I’ll be on a BURGER hunting spree soon?!

What burger places are your favorite in Portland? Please share.

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Officially a true Oregonian.  Finally took the knowledge test to get my OR DL.  After days and months of delaying the process,  I finally said to a friend, “No more time to delay, this needs to be done tomorrow. ”  That tomorrow was YESTERDAY AUG 6, 2013.  AND it zoo happen that two years ago today, I decided to move my life to Oregon and its now my HOME SWEET HOME!

OREGON: a place filled with fresh air, new fresh breath of outdoorsy activities encouraged all around, surrounded by local creative and artful individuals, and a place with never ending great FOOD places to venture out and try!  To celebrate another year in Oregon I illustrated an outline of US map with two states that is shaping me to who I am today.

Have a happy Tuesday!