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About two and some weeks ago my manager said, “I have something for you!” I thought oh ok no big thing…thought it was a project. When you least expect it things happen. A thank very much gift. Appreciation goes a long way and this reminds me keep going.


Thank you ST for the beautiful mini roses and especially the card… Ohhhh i love the french language. Just the right card to melt my heart.

Keep going because the greater things has yet to come! Hope you have a great Monday to start off your week.

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Serious Pie

Last weekend–made a stop at Serious Pie in Seattle,WA for late lunch. Deliciousness!

20131021-203641.jpgMy second time stopping in and its still delicious.
Not only do they serve pizza they also have biscuits.

Ohhhh my! Brussels sprout?! Ummmm YES I couldn’t pass this up. I wasn’t ever a big fan of Brussels sprout until the love cooked it for me! Ever since then, you better believe it, anything brussels sprout I am ordering! Future post on Brussel sprout to come.


We ordered a pie topped with sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers, provolone and the love added prosciutto. Such a nice touch to our pie–it was complete and tasty.


A touch of lemon in the water is always needed! What restaurant(s) have you tried as of late? Please share because I might just have to stop by when I am in the area.

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A HINT of gold: CHEVRON and lines.

Oh how the mouse has been needing company. At home and the office space. FINALLY I got around to making them. Simple and too easy. Had everything but the cork piece. Found it at a garage sale for 0.50 cents! Score.


Oh this 1 can of gold spray paint has lasted me.


I eyeballed the lines as I taped it up. It is about an inch apart.


Next you are going to use your X-acto knife and cute out certain pieces that you would want your pattern.


Be sure to be outside or in an open space before using your spray paint. I was in my patio with the nice touch of pine scraps on the balcony. Let the spray paint dry for about 10-15 mins. Spray a second coat if your heart desires for it. Then let it dry another 10-15 mins before peeling off the painters tape.


AND Viola! Finito. A hint of chevron and lines. My mouse finally has a companion.

See what happens when the gloomy weather rolls around? My craft creativity oozes out of me. Hope you enjoyed this and happy Wednesday.

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Thenaday-Last Summer


Last summer we had friends visiting.  Ohhh these two…I couldn’t get enough of them.  B and I miss you guys mucho!!!  Here are a few photos I took of them as they explored Cannon Beach or as they call it here “THE COAST”.  It was Kara’s first time touching the North Pacific Ocean’s water.  The little things that puts a smile on ones face–ohhh I LOVE!  Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark ii.  Enjoy!

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1} Brick walls adds a touch to any photo!

2} Translucent black glass bottle and cup–soo simple yet soo elegant.  NO chemicals in my water is a BONUS.

3} Louis Vuitton checker board pattern wristlet/mini purse.  Just perfect for my lip gloss, my phone, and my cards.  Is it weird I don’t like to carry a big purse with me most of the time?  I indulge in the cute small clutches/wristlets.

What simple things do you indulge yourself with?  Please share.

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What’s on the IG lately?


The weeks of drowning the negatives with positives; great crafts was birth from it.  Who said good things doesn’t come out of bad situations do not know how to see the silver lining in the storm.  All in the midst of cleansing my body from toxins, there are rough days.  I was tired of just letting it take control of my life.  For the last two weeks I fought back.  My energy was quickly put towards counting my blessings, utilizing my right hemisphere of the brain to create, and last but not least sharing it with my WordPress family.  A neglect to my followers was not a choice.  As I took a look back on my instagram photos, I thought to myself, “Its time to do a Instapic update”.    AND here you have it!  Crafts and snacks has been of my favorites as of late.  Can you tell or need I say nothing?  Thank God for the existence of creativity and what we can do with it.  What have you been creating?  Please share.  Hope you have a HAPPY  and GREAT Saturday!!

P.S. Want more instant updates?  I tend to update more on the IG.  Follow my daily on instagram @tee2envisage.

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The weekend was filled with activities.  One of them was a farewell/new job celebration/birthday get together for one of my dearest friend.  We have known each other for a year and some and my the bond we have is out of this world.  From the laughters to the tears of happy and sad, we had it all, even our mini fights.  All in all she is an amazing person and we are alike in many ways.  The dream she spoke of a year and half ago came true!  Quicker than we expected.  The timing was just right.  I can’t stop being excited for her.  I am sad I won’t have her a few minutes away and also happy she will start her new chapter with great things awaiting for her!  XOXO to you MEL!!!!!!


I took this quote from F21.  They had it on one of  their notebook.  This was so fitting for Mel because although it is an ending to one chapter it is just the BEGINNING of another.


Message in a jar to help her through the gloomy days.  DIY message in the jar posting to come soon.


Many of us won’t be able to make it down on her birthday so I decided to add her birthday celebration in there as well.


Ahhmazingly she blew out all the candles…


Last but not least, Lava was able to join in on the fun celebration.  She was so calm that night and typically this little rascal is all over the place filled with energy.

The night was great and thanks to all who came to celebrate.  She will be back!!! =)

Happy Tuesday.

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A salad at Tasty and alder left me craving for more…I had to replicate it.

It is so simple and delish.  I made it for dinner two nights ago as a side salad.





Have a great Thursday.  Whats cooking in your kitchen?  Share.

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Egg with a dash of salt & pepper.MANGOS_TEE2ENVISAGE-01

Summer is over AND it won’t stop me from snacking on my mangos.

Hummus and Cheese_TEE2ENVISAGE

Spinach and Artichoke Hummus with sesame water crackers and The Laughing cow Chipotle Queso.

YUMMY in my tummy.  A little cheese won’t hurt–even though I am lactose intolerance. Better than JUNK into my system.

What is your favorite snacks as of late?  Please share.

P.S.  A tad bit of color in each picture all for YOU!



FALL approached and now October has arrived.  A new season and a new month?  I figured it was time for a new look for tee2envisage.  Simple, clean, and minimal.  Sometimes that is all you need.  I promise to bring you more colors through my posts! *wink*  A few fall/October photos to share from my i5C with the lovely help of natural lighting.




I couldn’t stop admiring the texture of these leaves.  Maybe an inspiration on my next DIY project?  Sounds pretty sweet to me. Hope your Tuesday is going well!