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DIY Arm Swagger.

simple + inexpensive + easy = arm swagger

Finally I got around to making this after looking at this tutorial for the past months.  Gathered the material and got to work….I have to say it was a bit challenging holding the hex nut in place back to back…but its doable with patience!  People with small fingers probably will have more maneuver advantage!  ; p

DIY tutorial on Honestlywtf

What are your arm swaggers?

DIY craft

Lace cork coaster

No coasters around the little home gave me a project to craft up. Lace has always been one fabric I adore. With wine corks given to me by a girlfriend helped me with my wine cork crafts. This was one of the 3 projects I created. All you need is fabric of choice, glue gun, wine corks, and a felt sheet for the bottom layer. I cut the corks to about 0.5 inches thick and glued them into a circle. Last but not least I glued the lace and felt sheet onto the wine cork…and there you have it…your personalized coaster. My cup of tea now has a company. These are great gifts, who can’t use a personalized coaster? =)

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Cherry Picking @ Draper’s Girl Farm

Cherry Picking adventure at Draper’s girl country farm

With the scenic routes to the draper’s girl farm, the ride was relaxing.

Thanks to my half for driving and our friend DY for planning this successful day!  I don’t know how but we managed to leave with more than 25lbs of cherries…especially the delicious Rainer ones. We got out of hand and picked more than anticipated after we weighed the bucket and it was a few lbs away from 25lbs.

Sun bathing and enjoying the water and breeze on Mt. Hood river.  Nothing close to Miami, but still enjoyable.  I would consider this a mini beach. Thank you “cherry bomb” for B and I’s photo together as we enjoyed the breeze brushing against our face. Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine!!!


My Alberta street roaming.

While waiting for my half to get groomed…I decided to take a journey on Alberta street.  A strip of a plethora of exploring to do!  I visited small shops of clothes and accessories.  There is also plentiful of places to grub.  While exploring, I stumbled upon this small owned consignment shop.

The Lady of Shallot (on Alberta street inside art studio 1627)..Its tucked away, but worth stopping in.  Adriana greeted me with such a warm welcoming into her space.  After our conversation she inspired me to continue to be open and know its never too late to act on your passions.   Her life has so much “spice” added because of her experience and exposure to life outside of her Ecuadorian world.   Just as each person is different and unique, each culture is different and unique.   Very warm touch to my day. She inspired me & I walked away with appreciation + this quote..

Inspirational juice of the day.

Inspirational juice of the day.

This quote came about while I was thinking what was the purpose of my blog besides inspiring others to enjoy art surrounding them.  In addition Be intrigued, Be heartened, Be Alive!


Nurse reminder of the day: Stay Hydrated.

The weather is getting so hot, even here in PDX.  After 20+ years in MIA this hot heat reminds me of those days and I have to say I don’t miss the humidity.  I love the heat when I’m on vacation, but not for living.  Enough was enough. Surprisingly, I came across a very valuable article about water I would love to share. Check out Water Water.


New gig.

Its been approximately 9 months and some in waiting for this new door to open.  Surprisingly it was a door I didn’t expect to happen so soon and soo quick!   The more and more I get to know this job I come to learn how fitting it is for me.  The Lord knew what would be best and fitting for me as a nurse!  I am always amazed with the way He orchestrates my life!  All glory to you Jesus for stringing my life together better than I can.  Opportunity I was fearful to dive into is now ready to bloom with full victory.  I know you will bring me more than I can see right now.  I am embracing every moment of this journey!  Pumped and ready to shape this role with great providers!