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Sweet message from heaven

Adventures, Design, Photography

Randoms of NIKE HQ.










Adventure of randoms at NIKE HQ with Kiki.  One fall day in 2011.  We were out and about exploring NIKE campus and taking shots of whatever caught my eyes.

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TWO thousand and 13!

my 2013 goals-01


My goals for 2013 is to work on my virtues and characteristics.  I thought to myself what would I want this year to look like?  Everyday I wake up and I make choices.  I challenge myself to wake up every morning to better my virtues and characteristics. I have chosen the four above.  With al the positives and negatives crossing my path I am sure it is going to be quite a challenge AND I know it will help me to grow and EXPLORE.  So here I go, it is 23 days into the new year and today I will try my best to wake up every day to better these traits.  Thirteen is known as a “bad luck” number.  I am going to take it to another level and say to myself “its just a number” because I have a LORD who is bigger than it all!  When all else seems dark and gray, keep trucking’ along because I was once told, the GREATER has yet to come.  One life to live, one life to choose.  Chose to be GREATER than Good.

Much love my WORDPRESS FAMILY,  T2

Photography, Sweet messages from Heaven.

Sweet message from Heaven


Grace freely given to us and something we can do to gain. SLOW to anger a virtue hard to gain and its reachable with His guidance and teaching. His steadfast love amazes me!


GALS night in!

gals night in-01
A perfect way to start my weekend…GALS night in.  A few cups of tea with a couple of gals, chit chatting, catching up on life, and with the wintery PDX weather was perfect.  My friend has her fire place, as I looked at it I was tempted to sit by the fire place with it lit.  And there it was, we started the fire as my other friend sat there and laughed at us because it took us longer than usual.  The night felt a little hopeless because we were shivering under our skin with not much fat layers to keep us warm. Finally all three of us was able to start the fire with a few craziness of balling up telephone pages and throwing it into the fire. The laughters and OH my GOSH “no more” made the experience that much more enjoyable. Then this lead to “I have S’mores ingredients.  Want to make s’mores?  Two gals voice answered simultaneously with excitement, “YES!” Who said you need to go camping to make S’mores???  Great company and SPONTANEOUS moments I thrive for these.   After a week of hard work, downtime away from it all was much needed.  XoXo,  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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tea-coffee break


Photo by: the lover boy with his Canon Mark II and Sigma 50mm–Photo was taken a little bit ago during our tea/coffee break–I was sippin’ on my Chai tea latte with soy–My favorite at STARBUCKS! Later to come I will share about our coffee/tea love. On another note, I am a big Nikon fan and I have now opened my world to learn the Canon family of DSLR. The more the merrier right? One household with too many varieties of preferences. Ahh ya! Explore the world because it is all yours to learn and share.

This Friday I am choosing to unwind with just hobbies and relax. Things involving little thinking. My mind has been neglected of therapy time. Hope you have your me and relaxing time too. Its great for the mind and the soul. Happy Friday folks!