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Start of my week- Monday INSTApic

Yesterday started off really nice–woke up sore from my training sessions.  Received this lovely card from my friend Jenny in the mail.  She never seems to fail me with her words of encouragement and the timing is just PERFECT.  Blessed to have a friend like you in my life and YES 2 years out of school and we are still keeping in contact STRONG!  Distance shouldn’t be a problem for any KIT.  I love quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson and especially this one.  Thank you JENNY for starting my week JUST right!  All photos taken with iPhone 4.


During my lunch break I ended up at Wassabi for happy hour with a co-worker.  I was enjoying my hot water (as it was soo chilly outside even with the sun beaming) in this ceramic white teapot and teacup.


Before heading back to work there was a small park nearby and we went for a stroll.  The flowers, blue sky, and the clouds were just lovely!


Have a GREAT Tuesday and make EVERYDAY your BEST day.


Sunset during my training

Brave thing for me this year! Before moving to Oregon I was soo thrilled with all the organizations that is offered here in the city of Portland! I am still stoked about them and finally after a year and some. Here I am lucky and blessed to be able to join with my Zoomer Team to run in the longest and largest relay in the world: Hood to Coast! Post about this in the future when the day gets closer! Here are some photos taken by my iPhone 4 during my training yesterday! Logging miles with my Nike Flynit One after my 12 hour shift. I had to make time and I was able to fit my training at the end of my shift before the gleaming light turned dark!






Have a happy Friday and awesome weekend!

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Last weekend I was craving for seafood.  I chose to make Manila Garlic clams–of course the asian flavoring was a must for me!  I love cuisines of all types and my favorite is ASIAN cuisine.  Recipe shared below for your interest.  All photos captured with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.

1. Pick your clam.

2. Gather your vegetables/herbs/spices.  Whatever you refer your onions, garlic, and ginger as..I refer them to vegetables.

3. Skin the ginger with a spoon.  It does it perfectly well–learned it from food network a few years back–and a reminder from my older sis.  Then slice them into pieces as shown above and cut it into rectangle shapes.  Anything close to mince is what you want.

4. Mine your onion–I chose to use red onion–you can use white onion as well.

5. Mince the garlic to small bits–gotta love the garlic.  The home remedies for many illnesses. Posting on this later!

6.  Time to roast the garlic and onion with 2 tablespoon of oil for 2 mins.  You can use regular Olive oil—I used extra virgin olive oil. Then add the ginger and keep stirring for another 2 mins.

7. Add 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce and continue to stir the concoction for 2 min.

8. Add your 2 lb clams to the pot.

9. Now add 1/2 cup of water to get the clam to start cooking.  Seems a little bit and when the clam shells start to open the juice from the clam will be just enough mixed with the concoction.  Let it cook for 5 minutes.

10.  Any clams that did not open up–toss it out.  Its probably a bad one.

You can add other spices like thai chili pepper and green onions to add some color to your clams!  Have a GREAT Thursday!

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Hondo DOG park.

My first time going to the Hondo dog park (Hillsboro) and Remsen was the lucky little man to experience this.  There were plenty of obstacles for dogs to play in and on–Remsen liked the ramp the most.  As you can see on the second photo he decided to sit on the ramp like a king on his throne. Remsen must have felt empowered.  The night was quite chilly as we were out there.  Photos taken with Nikkon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.  YES, the 50mm lens is my favorite.

It is favorite day of the week and it started with Remsen today.  Mid-week..that means two more days closer to the weekend.

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Beach day filled with fun!

More photos from Cannon Beach.  The sky was really blue that day and so was the ocean.  Pretty as can be.

Beach day filled with plenty.

Couples cycling on the sand…

Kids from Africa having fun in the sand…

Me enjoying the exfoliation in the soft grains of the sand…

Soothing sound of the ocean waves creating ripples in the shallow water…

and even the lady bug decided to give us a visit.  I hear its lucky to have a lady bug land on ya! *wink*

  Better half enjoying the peaceful sound of the beach and sun bathing–with a little nap.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  Only less than 24 hours closer to my favorite day of the week!

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Young and fearless.

Savannah: a gal with pretty blue eyes and fearless trait.  One of my co-worker’s cherished litte one.  If only we can all live without fear like kids many great things can be accomplished.  Savannah wasn’t fearful of anyone saying no to her.  I handed her a wrapped lollipop.  Soon after she asked for me to open it for her.  I told her to ask her mom if it was ok for her to have sweets.  After asking mom, she was told “If you can get someone to open it for you, then you can have it.”  In a room full of people she went to everyone with a lollipop in her hand waving it to get it open.  After making 1 round and the lollipop still wrapped she came right back to momma and politely asked for her to open it.  No fear of rejection what so ever…she continued to go around the room again.  By the way, Savannah did get her Auntie Traci to open it for her!  Persistent she was!  All photos captured with Canon Mark II 5D by my better half and I.

A lesson to take with you today!  Be fearless of rejection or failures. Today go conquer one thing/dream you always wanted.  It can be something simple and little.  The little dreams lead to the big dreams.  Happy Monday!

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DIY 3×5 card/wallet

The day I went to the OREGON leather company store I was looking for my screw on button snaps.  I also bought other selections of leather below.  Finally my brown leather 3×5 wallet came to be completed.  It was Martha Stewart inspired DIY craft.  Martha used screw button stud.  I used my button snaps.

1. Choose the leather you want to use to make your 3×5 card wallet.

2. Gather your material.  You will need scissors, screw on chicago snaps, leather hole puncher, and a 3x 5 wallet Template, and 15 minutes.

3. I used copy paper to print my template on.  You can use a 20 lb paper so your template can be long lasting if you plan to use it again in the future or are making more than one 3×5 wallet.

4. Lay it on top of your leather piece and start cutting away.  This project is precise and be careful as you use the template to cut its shape onto your leather piece.

5. Use the leather hole puncher and punch the holes onto the four sides.

6. Cut a slit on the layer that will close the wallet.  A small slit after punching the hole in its place.  You can punch two holes and then cut the connecting part if its easier for you.

7. And there you have it your 3×5 leather DIY wallet!


A future project to come with the leather pieces above.  Happy Saturday. What DIY projects are you doing now and days?

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INSTApic collection

INSTApics of my last three weeks. A little bit of everything. From nature to food and the in betweens of my daily. Screen captures from my iPad.




Enjoy and have an awesome Wednesday! Mid week.

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Water Reflections


Water reflections of Haystack rock, woman waling her dog, boy walking/running in the water, and mother walking with her little baby.

While relaxing on the beach I was capture the moments of reflection of people enjoying themselves on the beach with the water washing up on shore.  Peaceful and enjoyable!  Happy Tuesday.  do you love photos with reflections in them?