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FEATHERY Wednesday.

My pinterest board has been on a FEATHER earring obsession. Finally came around to ordering the pieces to conquer my DIY feather earrings.

Time to let the creativity come to life. Below are some inspirations I have come across lately. Photos are screen captured from pinterest. You can check them out on my feathers

board.Feather obsessionThis obsession calls for a DIY Feather earring post soon..STAY TUNE! Happy Feathery Wednesday.

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Today is a gloomy day with a bit of drizzle of rain.  Our  Tuesday traipse. While walking Remsen I captured the nature surrounding us.  (Remsen: a frenchie I am dog-sitting; post on Remsen is on its way) Photos taken with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 35mm.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope your traipse is as joyful today!

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SOCKS for the toes and feet.


Spring and I am talking about socks? Another one of my many fetish. Yes, Oregon Spring is quite an odd ball compared to what I am use to in the warm and sunny Florida.  Ever since I moved to the West coast I live in socks.  In Florida I only wore them when needed, which was almost close to never, unless I was going for a run with my sneakers.  During the winter and spring here in Oregon I can’t sleep without them.  My toes and feet love me for covering them during these seasons.  While strolling around Target I came across a few socks.  The chevron pattern one caught my eye; one of the many favs.  Scored some wool socks for 3 bucks.  Wool is a pricey piece of fabric and great for people who have arthritis to keep those joints warm and covered for flexibility in the cold weather.  





Photos captured by me with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.  Happy Monday and keep those toes and feet warm if your Spring is still in the 30s and 40s like mine!


As I embrace this Fall season, I love to capture the changes around here in Oregon.  There is this big pine tree in the backyard and pine cones always drop to the little balcony.  So I get the joy of capturing photos of these pretty dainty pine cones.  Not the typically thick detail pine cones I am use to.  Just a little nudge of excitement to start off the Fall season!

Happy FALL!