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Hello my wordpress family. Time to say farewell to Tee2envisage.  Lately my blog has been overwhelmed with crafts and with a heavy heart I decided it was time to move onto where my heart really thrives….this gave birth to CRAFTEA HEART!  The name was quite an adventure and with the help of my two lovely sisters Craftea Heart was birthed. I hope to share many more with you over there…follow me on  Bittersweet….time for the next journey!




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The love travels every now and then for work and comes home to a simple little surprise.  This time I decided to craft up a banner.  Its like a min-welcome home present.BANNER0

Gather these items.  Most you have lying around the home somewhere.  You can use a ruler and scissors if you don’t have a paper trimmer.BANNER4

Cut the paper 3×4 inches or to whatever size you desire.  Instead of leaving them square I cut a triangle on the bottom of each square.BANNER3

I used the triangle scraps for part of my message. Write your message on each squares/triangles.BANNER1

Thread your message together and use thumb tacks to pin it to the wall and Viola…a message to your sweetie.

Whats crafting on this Thursday for ya?  Please share.


My heart breaks.


A typhoon with plenty of power came through and took away many lives and left many stranded. My prayers goes out to all that was involved and the families that are now left to start new. Take the time today to pray for these families and if you are able and your heart calls for it give to help another get back on their feet. Life is given to us as a gift and the gift should be extend to those in need in times as such. Prayers are powerful, so let the prayers begin if you are not able to give money. Time is everything.

Have a lovely Wednesday.

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ANNIVERSARY adventure.

One of those night we wanted to try something new and it didn’t work out.  After all thank goodness are in the city filled with plenty of restaurants to try out right?  As the night continued we ended up at Bamboo Sushi on 23rd.  I must say my half and I were more than satisfied.  30 min wait? Ohhhh that was a YES, please take our name down for us since the other two places were 40 mins to 2.5 hrs.  Ordered our drinks as we waited and oh did my lychee martini made my experience that much more enjoyable.  Sat down and the half went bonkers on ordering our food.  I must say every dish ordered was satisfying.  The service was great and the food was a bonus.  Overall experience was awesome…you bet we will be back!  Cheers to an additional year to our life together.  Below are the starters and dishes we ordered (the lights were dimmed and romantic).  The edamame was on the house! Quite rare at many japanese restaurants now and days.  MUST try if you live here or are dropping into Portland on one of your adventures.  You won’t be dissappointed.bamboosushi_tee2enivsage

What sushi places would you recommend in Portland or in your city?  Please share.

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About two and some weeks ago my manager said, “I have something for you!” I thought oh ok no big thing…thought it was a project. When you least expect it things happen. A thank very much gift. Appreciation goes a long way and this reminds me keep going.


Thank you ST for the beautiful mini roses and especially the card… Ohhhh i love the french language. Just the right card to melt my heart.

Keep going because the greater things has yet to come! Hope you have a great Monday to start off your week.


Mornings with Ryan

Because Auntie live so far away facetime is what connects us. My mornings facetiming with this little one is always grand and this is why…

He is in the state where he carries his Teddy everywhere.

Baby Ryan and Teddy. Thanks Auntie Hu hu for my Teddy.

Have a great Saturday!

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Bonjour Novembre

November is here. You know what that means… The holidays are right around the corner and it is going to go wayyyy fast with lots of fun chaos with family chirping with conversations, laughters, and giggles. Ohhhh I can not wait!



Hope your first day of Novembre is lovely as can be!