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Whats in her BAG?

Some of the many items I carry with me:





Stay tune. A post on Baby Ryan is on its way.   He became a part of this world yesterday!  I’m falling in love all over again.  Auntie love you Baby Ryan!

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Inspirational juice of the day.



I was always told from friends, family, and my half, “the little things excite you!”

It truly does and I can appreciate it a lot more than the big things. =)

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Love takes time.  With minutes to hours, it continues to count time.  An hour glass recycles its grain of sands as it measures the times.  This reminds me of forgiveness.  No matter how many times it is recycled again and again and again…FORGIVENESS lightens the burden.  Recycle your forgiveness like an hour glass recycle it’s grain of sand bits.

DIY craft

Personalized name typography

As my darling sister share with me the set up of Ryan’s nursery..I started to get inspired.  I’ve been meaning to create personalized things for the boys—DD&R.  Every morning I promised myself to work on at least one project. This morning it happen to be Ryan’s project..which lead to other projects in mind for the other little ones D&D. The colors were based on the boys favorite colors.  Ryan doesn’t have a say yet, but he will within a few years.  This is making me miss my little boys a lot!!!  Being creative stacks up new neurotransmitters as well as relaxes my mind.  It makes me want to just stay home all day and do this over and over again.  But it is time to go to work and be a nurse!! (-_-).

What crafts have you been inspired to make for the little ones?