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Start of my week- Monday INSTApic

Yesterday started off really nice–woke up sore from my training sessions.  Received this lovely card from my friend Jenny in the mail.  She never seems to fail me with her words of encouragement and the timing is just PERFECT.  Blessed to have a friend like you in my life and YES 2 years out of school and we are still keeping in contact STRONG!  Distance shouldn’t be a problem for any KIT.  I love quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson and especially this one.  Thank you JENNY for starting my week JUST right!  All photos taken with iPhone 4.


During my lunch break I ended up at Wassabi for happy hour with a co-worker.  I was enjoying my hot water (as it was soo chilly outside even with the sun beaming) in this ceramic white teapot and teacup.


Before heading back to work there was a small park nearby and we went for a stroll.  The flowers, blue sky, and the clouds were just lovely!


Have a GREAT Tuesday and make EVERYDAY your BEST day.

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Thanks for dropping in to say hello. It made our Christmas eve!  I never ate so much sugar cookies until today. It was yummy especially the edible silver decor. -Love T & B
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Inspirational Juice of the day.

My thoughts: Many dreams do not come to fruition because it stays as an idea.  Plan, Reasearch, Execute, Live it!  I encourage you  to create your journey.


Happy Birthday Melody!!  Big DREAMS ahead of you!!!!!!!  (-_*) The great has yet to come. Great plans in the making.  Your spirit, joy, smile, laughter….I love it all. The good and the bad.  I wish you the best of both worlds.  A new chapter means a new journey. The world is yours! Glad God made ways to have our paths cross. <3, T


New Graduates

Approximately a year ago, I scrambled as a new grad to get a job.  There were many factors in place of this and I knew I had to grow patience.  Ohhhh did my Lord teach me patience, love, and trust all in one.  I then got my job and excited ready to hit the floor and work my 8 hour shifts rather than 12s.  More of a surprise than expected.  The load I was handling didn’t compare to what I was trained and I had to completely trust in Him to guide me through it every step of the way.  Not close to my dream job, but it helped me grow and become a “thicker skin” nurse.  We need this as nurses to survive!  People who aren’t feeling well are at their worst at times and dealing with it can be hard sometimes.  Be compassionate and firm.  My read this morning reminded me of this and I am inspired to right this post to encourage my new graduates or individuals who are still unemployed with a great RN license behind their name!
The hope is there, it needs to be continued to be found.  It is easy to give up and harder to keep chuckling along.   Patience truly is a virtue.  The characteristics He taught me along the way was worth the wait!  There will be days of feeling hopeless and dark.  It is real and it is a true feeling you will have.

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I can’t seem to get away from hearts. Something about the shape and the meaning of it brings me to serenity. This shot was accidentally taken and some how or another the heart shape shadow sneaked in there. I always get lucky to have hearts lying around or it could just be I love them so much my eyes seem to catch it when it is around. Other times I feel this is a way of the Lord communicating to me to tell me it’s going to be okay, I’m here, always. Throughout my blog you will come across plenty of different forms of hearts that I will share with you. Hope you appreciate it as much as I do!

What is it that you love and can seem to get enough of?