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Post long overdue. A few weekends ago my gals and I decided to go have brunch. Irving St. Kitchen was the place to meet. Irving St Kitchen was on the top 12 brunch places MUST try in PDX on Oregonlive. We all pass by this place plenty of times and it was time to try a new brunch place.  The service and ambiance was great, and we sat in a section that almost felt like it was our own space in the restaurant. Brunch here wasn’t that bad!!  My chicken and waffle was good and the caramel sauce was so addicting! We labeled it the “crack syrup”. Here are. Few pics of what the gals and I ordered.



ISK Any Style, Hash Potatoes, Toast: Tasso Bacon, Andouille


Salmon Gravlax Benedict, Buttermilk Biscuits, Arugula, Dill Hollandaise


Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Egg, Buttermilk Syrup (Soo GOOD I had to ask for extra syrupppp!)

Where is your favorite brunch place??  Time to go be GREAT hostesses to our guest this weekend! DIY his and hers package soon to come. HAPPY SUNDAY!

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Fight the GOOD fight.


Even when things are not going your way Fight the GOOD Fight.

I heard this saying a few months back from my Pastor.

As I was reading one of my devotions this week Joyce Meyers reminded me of this saying again!

It was and is a great reminder to keep fighting.

A news can either uplift your spirit or completely alter your life in a way you never imagined.

There may be times every fiber of your body just wants to give up.

The Hope is there. The better day is soon to arrive. The season may be dark. Continue on because you know there is a Lord out there with a plan. Something

that may hurt you can only make you Stronger. In the midst of it all, it is ok to cry or be sad… Pick yourself up and fight back because its a GOOD fight.

{Hang in there}


BABIES--they grow too fast!

My oh my he is now 8 months old! Time flew and no time to catch up.  I was rummaging through photos and YES I stumbled on  photos of Baby Ryan I took way long ago (that felt like yesterday).  Finally sharing some of the photos taken as I “tortured” (as my sister would say) my nephew to stay still and look handsome while his crazy auntie put him through a photo shoot.  The memories of those months is forever gone and I captured them so one day when he has to do a collage at school “Crazy Auntie” will come rolling through with his every moment snap shots.   I will stay being a crazy auntie with lots of loves for my loves. *smiles*  Hope you all had a great weekend!


BABIES–they grow too fast!


SUNSHINE come out and play.

We have been lucky to have our Spring 2013 end with such beautiful sunshine here in Portland, OR–smoothly transitioning into Summer 2013.  I am ready to start the summer filled with bikinis, sun dresses, sandals, wedges, shorts, and the fun filled activities.  Oh my have I miss you Summer.  Summer here filled with a little bit of everything–drizzle of rains, sunshine with breeze, and the cool weather in the evening to compensate for the scorching heat during the day.  Ohhhh I can’t wait and I hope you all are looking forward to SUMMER 2013.

happy summer2013


ALWAYS daddy’s girls.

daddy's girl

Where did I get my goofiness from–this MAN right here!  We will always be a daddy’s girl.

He is not only filled with his goofiness–a man of GOD, a hardworking man who leads, a person who has taught us gals to be independent and “when you want something done do it YOURSELF” attitude.

A man who was and is always protective of us and also knew that we had to take our own path (even when he didn’t agree) through life to see the consequences for ourselves.

Dad I love you more than words can express–Thank you for being the MAN that you are and still becoming!



Happy Friday everyone!!! Today is gorgeous here in Hillsboro, Oregon.. Days like this I get to go walk around during my break and soak a little in the sun and enjoy the beautiful nature.




No sunglasses for me… Had to make some..I was just being silly!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Summer is nearby.

I have been in such a doodle mode. Made use of my color sharpies. Here are a few of flowers– all random.






Enjoy! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.

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Color me RAD!

Today, lover and my team tube socks headed out bright and early to join the rest of Portland for the 2013 Color Me RAD! Lots of fun and getting colored!!! Ben and I’s first 5K race. More fun when you get distracted by punches of color on your face and body!












Lots of fun! I suggest you try it out… More like jog through the crowd of sardines and swerve so you so won’t hit another. Great job TEAM TUBE SOCKS!