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Three years old–RyRy

Ry Ry loves spider man and his 3 year old party theme was Super Heros.  Besides my frenchies that I dog-sit–Kids steal my heart away and babies–even more when their around the 6 month mark!  Ben and I were honored to join in Ry Ry’s 3rd birthday celebration.  All photos taken by the better half with Canon Mark II 5D and Sigma 50mm lens.  Ry ry is so polite and well mannered little character.  I received a new nickname from him ” Auntie Tweet”.  So stinkin’ cute!! I love him.

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Friday–inspirational juice of the day.



Odd and imperfect make things more unique and I love the things and people of this world for these traits.  The norm gets boring and to spice it all up the odd and imperfect is just enough!  I must agree with Marc Jacobs.

HAPPY FRIDAY and keep it going.  The weekend is a few hours away!

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Thenadays- Hint of teal here and there.

A week in NY on Long island with my lovely friend Kaci. The Nursing school journey ended and we were starting the real life. In the moment we were searching for our nursing job and applying like a mad woman. Moment of editing the small changes here and there for our resumes. In between it all, I decided to visit Kaci and explore the inner towns of New York and she took me around Long Island. One place I got to experience was her family’s cottage in Breezy Shores in Green Port, NY. My was this place a small cute village with about 20 cottages. Meals and wine during the day with the breezy wind from the shore–just what the name had to offer. Photos taken by yours truly–Nikon D80 with 50mm lens. YES, I do love my 50mm lens out of my collection of lens. There was a hint of teal in my Long Island collection. Enjoy…the hint of teal here and there.

It was relaxing just as the photo above portrays. We were watching the sailboats racing with one another across the shore. It was much needed after a few years of craziness from Nursing school. I was always reminded by my dear Kaci to relax and this was something that was not in my everyday life while in Nursing school. You better bet I have learned what it really means to RELAX and take time for myself. YOU shall do the same. Happy Thursday and go take time to RELAX today!

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REMSEN the Frenchie.

The loving owners of Remsen, we are grateful to have this opportunity to care for their little man.  Particular any one is when it comes to their little; We got lucky to be able to bond and give tender, love, and care to this Frenchie.  B and I couldn’t help it and compare him to our other Frenchie we dog-sit:BUTTERS.

He is such a playful dog.  Many are playful..this little one can play until you are tired.  If I could describe him in three words: energetic, loving, obedient!  There are moments he just doesn’t feel like obeying and it is ok—no one is perfect right?

The bone he loves to just chew he is like a little baby getting his hands on everything.  I forget what it is like to have a kid around.  He definitely reminded me QUICK!

He uses the side of chairs, my feet, and any edge he can find to lean his bone on while he chews away.

Last but not least he is such a GREAT sport at being my dog model.  <33333  Many more postings to share of this little one!  Do you ever dog-sit or have one that you adore to death? Happy Wednesday.

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Today is a gloomy day with a bit of drizzle of rain.  Our  Tuesday traipse. While walking Remsen I captured the nature surrounding us.  (Remsen: a frenchie I am dog-sitting; post on Remsen is on its way) Photos taken with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 35mm.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope your traipse is as joyful today!

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SOCKS for the toes and feet.


Spring and I am talking about socks? Another one of my many fetish. Yes, Oregon Spring is quite an odd ball compared to what I am use to in the warm and sunny Florida.  Ever since I moved to the West coast I live in socks.  In Florida I only wore them when needed, which was almost close to never, unless I was going for a run with my sneakers.  During the winter and spring here in Oregon I can’t sleep without them.  My toes and feet love me for covering them during these seasons.  While strolling around Target I came across a few socks.  The chevron pattern one caught my eye; one of the many favs.  Scored some wool socks for 3 bucks.  Wool is a pricey piece of fabric and great for people who have arthritis to keep those joints warm and covered for flexibility in the cold weather.  





Photos captured by me with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.  Happy Monday and keep those toes and feet warm if your Spring is still in the 30s and 40s like mine!
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WESTSIDE of Portland- Here and there.

Captured the collection of randoms during the venture of southwest portland.  Noloitering_tee2envisage

Roshe run sneakers.


VooDoo Doughnut boxes in trash/recycle bins.


The guys waiting for rain to slow down.


The details matter:  Gold typography street name on the brick building.

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OREGON Leather company

Love the details of the external part of this store and all the great pieces it sells inside.  I am glad there is a leather place like this in Oregon.  After searching online and a bunch of hardware stores for a screw on button stud my project was delayed for quite some time.  Finally a day to venture out to northwest Portland I found the stud at Oregon Leather company!  I now know the name real name for the “button stud” I was looking for: sam browne button stud. Post coming soon: DIY project with the sam browne button stud.Oregon leather co

Great big sign, easy enough too see and find!


Spur of the moment shot.  I was intrigued by the gates and then a guy peeped out holding a rolled up piece of leather.  Right on time just to capture this.


Love the typography design on this door.


Time to search for the piece of leather for my DIY wallet project.

Happy Friday and hope you look forward to your weekend!

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Heart shapes: I see them everywhere I go. Yes, it is my favorite shape out of all shapes. Maybe my eye catches them more because I adore its shape. I see it while roaming the streets, shopping for crafts, eating potato chips, condiments of green onion in my soup, etc; I can go on and on…there are plethora of things I happen to get lucky to see in a shape of a heart. I wanted to share a few I have recently capture within the last two weeks in portland.

Heart on a tree in SW portland.


Pink leather piece with a heart cut-out in NW portland.sidewalkheart_tee2envisage copy

Concrete heart on sidewalk in NE portland.

I bet you will cross path with at least one heart shape thing or item today. Happy Thursday!