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A night of just testing out watercolor and creating typography.  A slight fear sneaks in from time to time and to encourage myself this quote came to mind.  Fear can only paralyze you if you allow it to.  Don’t let it win.  Fight back with FAITH.  You can’t have both in one boat..which one will you chose today?

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DROPLET kind of weekend.

Mt. Tabor Hike overlooking Portland City.  The trails were simple and coded by colors and arrows to lead you on your journey.  My friends and I went on the Green arrow trail.  Total of 1.7 miles roundtrip.  VERY Easy hike if you up for a chill kind of hike.  Colors and arrows more simple than remembering the trail “NAMES”.  It was a droplet kind of day.  Macro shots of droplets on Dandelions, Clovers, and spider webs which look like string droplets.  Way cool with Macro-eyes for the hike.

The PDX view from Mt. Tabor. Sooo MUCH greens.

Hope your Wednesday is going well thus far!

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Thank you to all my followers for the support.  I started this blog to share my view of art and a way of keeping track of my milestones.  My blog world has changed ever since joining WordPress. A community of supporter and inspiration.  This post is dedicated to all my 100 followers (WordPress fam).  I hope to continue to inspire and share my journey with you all.

You know how much I love tea…YES I had too…100 made out of Sweet Asian Pear Tea bits from Teavanna.


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Instapics as of late.  I have been crafting, cooking, and plenty of typography it up lately.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to AMERICAN IDOL LIVE!  The experience was great and

much appreciated with them singing LIVE.  They were all once an audience and

now standing on the stage sharing their music with the world.  I had a great fulfilled weekend and hope you did too!

Will share many more of my Mt. Tabor hiking journey very soon.  HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY.  Start your week with something great. *WINK*

Inspirational juice of the day.

Saturday Inspiration

Typography has been my itch lately.  I came upon this quote to inspire me through my journey of 2013.

We are already on July and the summer is leaving me soon.  The days are busy and it is just passing me by.  Many dreams to have and many to accomplish!

Do you have dreams?  Are they little or big?  Whether it is little or big keep going.  Believe in yourself until you get there–its not too far out of reach!

Have a happy Saturday.  On my way to go hike this Mt. Tabor trail.


SUMMER salads

The BUSY schedule can interrupt a person from cooking at home.

YES, I have been guilty of this and there are no excuses to eating healthier–better yet making the meal yourself.

I have been inspired by a friend to make my own salad dressings and falling in love with trying new salads.  So simple to make and not a lot of time AT ALL.

Although, one of my favorites are the berry salads.  Below are some salad/dressing caught my attention while pinteresting.

Photos are screen captured via pinterest. You can check out more salads/dressings on my pinterest salad board.

Not only does those berries looking do delish–I was pulled in by the MANGO vinaigrette.  M m m…love me some MANGO–better yet in a vinaigrette dressing?? YES!!


Gotta have almonds and red onions in my salad!


Some blueberries always makes me happy.


Combination of tomatoes and BEETS!


Grilled shrimp skewers–mouthwatering!



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FEATHERY Wednesday.

My pinterest board has been on a FEATHER earring obsession. Finally came around to ordering the pieces to conquer my DIY feather earrings.

Time to let the creativity come to life. Below are some inspirations I have come across lately. Photos are screen captured from pinterest. You can check them out on my feathers

board.Feather obsessionThis obsession calls for a DIY Feather earring post soon..STAY TUNE! Happy Feathery Wednesday.

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TASTY and Alder.

Sunday was such a lovely day with beautiful weather I couldn’t resist and try out a mid-day brunch place.

Oregon is filled with so many I am slowly marking them off my bucket list. TASTY and Alder for this Sunday!

Started off with a dessert. YES! Panna Cotta. YUMMY! My older sister would sooo APPROVE of this. Dessert before your meal…because most of us never have room for dessert after my meals.


Radicchio* with lardons, manchego, chopped six minute egg

FriesSide of fries. Love the simple presentation.

Steak Burger

Steakhouse Sandwich on Challah.

Loooove the salad! This won me over. The steakhouse is a little heavy for me. One bite was good enough–so tasteful! My boyfriend devoured the rest.

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Electric Static ZOOM

I am an avid runner and have fallen in love with it over the past couple of years, even more with the beautiful green life here in Oregon.  On Saturday night, my partner, a group of friends and co-workers joined me on this electric 5k run.  It was more fun than I was anticipating. Honestly felt like a rave party at the end–lights everywhere with EDM playing in the background. I did this all in the mean while still having my cold. It felt GREAT to run.


Before the race

My partner who supports me through everything I do!<3


One silly shot before we head to the START line!


Here is the START line with a crowd of other mates ready to run this 5k NEON light style! The hype got my adrenaline pumping.

Check out the video on my Instagram: @tee2envisage


The U-M-B-R-E-L-L-A glow station!!


US after we finished our 5k with the RAVE party behind us! SOO MUCH FUN!


ALL Glow light everything.


Last but not least I had to create hearts with the glow lights with my gals!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I felt and thought this run was better and much more fun than the Color me RAD!  You must try it even if your not really a runner..the time flew by soo fast when your enjoying yourself with a group of friends!