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Fence like TGIF_tee2envisage

I decided to gather a little something together with what creative juice was flowing out of me at the wee hours.  I wanted to sit here and perfect the fence like piece. Then I decided ditto—imperfection in perfection.  The diamonds intersection is perfect, the other intersections with no shape–I’m calling it the ditto intersections; it gives the art piece a wee bit of character.  Hope you all enjoy your friday because I definitely am going to!  It’ll be a great day.  Let nothing spoil your fun fri-DAY.

Side note to Annetta– T minus 11 hours!



D&T thanks for hosting thanksgiving dinner. This is the second year I have joined these folks for thanksgiving and it has been GREAT both years. Many more to come.

This year we decided to stick  with the HAM and Chicken.

D & T cooked the chicken with a burst of Dale Pale Ale.  Geezums it was tender!

Squash soup.

Tungs infamous gravy and my Garlic sauteed green beans.

Mmmm…..the Pumpkin ice cream pie from Cool Moon. It was delish.  Soo much food and soo much fun.  There are so many photos to sift through.  Stay tune for more of the fun a giggles with the Portland Fam photo bombing each other’s photos.



Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Two items we made and brought:
Green beans garlic flavor and honey glazed spiral ham.

More photos to come.



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Inspiration juice of the day

Naturally the passion will just flow and even under the most stress you are still enjoying what you do!

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Beads on Beads on Beads

This weekend the gals and I spent our day at the Gem Faire.  Sensory overload.  So many beads everywhere my eye balls where like beagle eyes.  I was OVERWHELMED!  Everything wholesale price…YES!!!  I can’t wait to craft up some jewlery.

Plentiful of beads.  I especially love the brass ones.  Ohh I can’t wait to craft them up.

These mini spools are so stinking cute!  It was one of the many reason I bought it.

It was a great Sunday fun.

One Month!

Time is passing by so fast!  I do know especially with babies they grow so fast every moment needs to be embraced.  I can’t believe it has already been a month since my little guy has been breathing the air of this world.  Heres an update of the little mister. He is always sleeping and told my sister embrace the moment for NOW!  A month and a day!

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I have been in the stacking mood lately.  Random illustration with tea cups and plates.  My fetish with accessories for my TEA time.


illustrator, Inspirational juice of the day.

Inspirational juice of the day.

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LOVE lines stacked.

Love heals broken hearts.  Love brings joy to your life.  Love faces challenges.  Love is sacrifice.  Love shapes your virtues.  Let yourself love now and/or again.  You have more than you know. Let go and LOVE.