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The love travels every now and then for work and comes home to a simple little surprise.  This time I decided to craft up a banner.  Its like a min-welcome home present.BANNER0

Gather these items.  Most you have lying around the home somewhere.  You can use a ruler and scissors if you don’t have a paper trimmer.BANNER4

Cut the paper 3×4 inches or to whatever size you desire.  Instead of leaving them square I cut a triangle on the bottom of each square.BANNER3

I used the triangle scraps for part of my message. Write your message on each squares/triangles.BANNER1

Thread your message together and use thumb tacks to pin it to the wall and Viola…a message to your sweetie.

Whats crafting on this Thursday for ya?  Please share.

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Instapics as of late.  I have been crafting, cooking, and plenty of typography it up lately.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to AMERICAN IDOL LIVE!  The experience was great and

much appreciated with them singing LIVE.  They were all once an audience and

now standing on the stage sharing their music with the world.  I had a great fulfilled weekend and hope you did too!

Will share many more of my Mt. Tabor hiking journey very soon.  HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY.  Start your week with something great. *WINK*

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Happy Sunday!

Today I tried something new.  I was messing around with the gradient tool on CS5.   I decided to do orange mixing in with the Fall season.  What a cool effect.  Inspired via pinterest.  Have a Happy Sunday.  Will share my weekend with you this week. =)

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DIY Arm Swagger.

simple + inexpensive + easy = arm swagger

Finally I got around to making this after looking at this tutorial for the past months.  Gathered the material and got to work….I have to say it was a bit challenging holding the hex nut in place back to back…but its doable with patience!  People with small fingers probably will have more maneuver advantage!  ; p

DIY tutorial on Honestlywtf

What are your arm swaggers?