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DIY Cork Stamps.

  1.  Get your cork (s)
  2. X-acto tool
  3. Shape you want to cut.
  4. Cut it how ever you desire. (The thickness of the stamp is by preference)

As I am house bound due to my circumstances I refuse to let time pass without being productive.  Allowed my creative juice to flow with items I already have.  Cork projects never gets old for me.  I was pinteresting and stumbled on cork stamps! Splendid..I thought.  Grabbed my corks and X-acto knife and got to work.  Now I just need my stamp pad.  Stamps of all kinds can be made.  Design of any sort.  I decided to make a signature stamp for this project.  Along with snapping some shots with the Nikon.  Stay tune with my stamps to be in use!


7 thoughts on “DIY Cork Stamps.

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