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Summer is drawing near to the end and I am enjoying my little bits of my jasmine blueberry ice tea.

  Fall is approaching fairly quick.  Here on the west coast we have to take advantage of the sun when it is out to play. ENJOY your labor day weekend.


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Thank you to all my followers for the support.  I started this blog to share my view of art and a way of keeping track of my milestones.  My blog world has changed ever since joining WordPress. A community of supporter and inspiration.  This post is dedicated to all my 100 followers (WordPress fam).  I hope to continue to inspire and share my journey with you all.

You know how much I love tea…YES I had too…100 made out of Sweet Asian Pear Tea bits from Teavanna.



C. P. R.

Out of the three C. P. R.  I never thought my days working as a nurse I would say to myself “I need that coffee!”  I was revived by my daily much needed coffee.  Wow, my first year as a nurse consist of surviving off the energy of caffeine from my daily coffee.  I finally understood the necessity and great taste of coffee my half couldn’t stay away from.  After a year on this I decided to wean off of it and the withdrawals were of no fun.  Finally I switch back to my tea and then quit the caffeine all together.  Of course that goes to say with my much calmer job now the daily caffeine is not needed.  A cup of tea is more to relax me now than fuel me up for energy!  So now I drink decaf tea.  I know my nursing fellow mates can appreciate this comic as I know many who thrive on this to survive!  =)

I truly appreciate Randy’s comics.


Favs of the KEEP CALM posters.

As a nurse, I don’t know how many times I have to remind myself to KEEP CALM..these posters help remind me.  I’m sure WE all need this reminder once in a while.  Still deciding which ones should be at my desk…as of right now I want all of them!

Soother to my mind and soul= BAKE Via Gimmesomeoven

Travel adds more spice to my life. Via Travelandleisure

I like Coffee…via Keepcalmstudio

But I LOVE tea more…Via Etsy

The creativity flows when I am on Illustrator designing away! Via Craftandcouture

Hugs make me smile! Via Yvonnebyattsfamilyfun Blogspot