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A salad at Tasty and alder left me craving for more…I had to replicate it.

It is so simple and delish.  I made it for dinner two nights ago as a side salad.





Have a great Thursday.  Whats cooking in your kitchen?  Share.



FALL approached and now October has arrived.  A new season and a new month?  I figured it was time for a new look for tee2envisage.  Simple, clean, and minimal.  Sometimes that is all you need.  I promise to bring you more colors through my posts! *wink*  A few fall/October photos to share from my i5C with the lovely help of natural lighting.




I couldn’t stop admiring the texture of these leaves.  Maybe an inspiration on my next DIY project?  Sounds pretty sweet to me. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

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dwell on the positive_tee2envisage

It will bring greatness into your life.  Happy thoughts, Happy day, have a Happy Monday.

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birthday WEEKEND

BDAY 2013

Blessed with another year is all I can ask for.  On hindsight last year was filled with many challenges, hiccups, and accomplishments.  I planned and more doors opened.  There were times of uncertainty and I knew I will end the year with I’m ready for the next challenge!  Simple and chilled birthday is all I needed this year.

HBD from the future

Ever since I dog-sat the two Frenchies for our friends I fell in love!  My big smile was because of this reminder: my future frenchie will be here soon.  My creative and loving half drew our future Frenchie.  Love the details.

HBD love note

Every time I read a card from him it melts my heart and eyes filled with happy tears.  The words are much when needed and very heart felt.  Thank you love!

CZ Cards

The CZ cards are simple and pretty.  I will share more about these cards and it’s creators soon. Such a sweet story to the makings of this!  Hope you enjoyed the photos all taken with the Canon Mark II 5D. Have a great TUESDAY!

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DIY Gold & Glitter Jars|Vase


An empty glass, gold spray paint and glitter spray.   Thats just it…thats all you need. I used an old jar from spaghetti sauce.


Spray the jar gold.


Add the glitter spray….


OR leave it matte!  Now go fancy up your desk with your new gold jars as a vase or writing utensil holders.  Keep it simple and pretty.  I am glad its FRIDAY..enjoy your weekend!

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Baby Ryan has arrived. FINALLY!

Love at first sight!  You made me smile this week.  A moment of frustration or sadness lands in my lap all I need to do is look at your cute self sleeping and my heart calms down.  If we can go back to being like a child at heart life will be more simple.  Auntie can stare at you all day and I will when I meet you in person!  Can’t wait to get these booties on your little feet.  =D xoxo

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Update-August Babies Bash.

My sepia inspired update on the birthday bash with a splash of color here and there.  Enjoy!

The Gregory condominium in Pearl district.

Elevator shot idea from my half. Along with me carrying the party things and snapping this shot. Not bad!

I am lactose intolerance and surprisingly this didn’t make me bloated and gassy like all other dairy products! I wonder what did the trick?!!

Thank you Fanny for letting us use your gorgeous antique punch bowl!

Vikram’s infamous drink! It was DELISH!

Model: Amy, arm-candy. I heart her Nixon watch. Gorgeous!

The August Babies.

They are hard to find. Keep them when you find them.

Fun bunch.

Model: Melody. Admired your silver, simple, hoop.

I heart flowers. Especially Hydrangeas. Thanks Amy!!! Simple, cute, and enough. You know me well. Side note: Thank you Stephan for picking them!

Great choice on the card. Thuy-ram loves it! As Our friends said, : You still look young!

Just as I expected.

It was a SUCCESS. Thuy-Ram bash it became!

Thank you friends and company for all the fun filled night!

Highlights of my night:

  • One hundred, One Hundred, One hundred
  • Us Asians and this B/W guy
  • Elevator sac punch–Andrada on the floor
  • Dancin’ on stage–space + fresh air + no sweat
  • Thuy and Melody bieber– “Me: If I was your girlfriend; Melody: Never let me go
  • Albatrosse–James turning red as he gets closer to solving the riddle
  • Machine gun–Amy’s machine gun sound
  • Riddles–never gets old–get those neurotransmitters forming
  • Our nicknames–Thuy-ram, Vik-thuy, twig-ram.

I hope that was worth while for ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!