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I was take myself into a tour of other things illustration has to offer and stumbled on these squares.  Sooo much on illustration I have not explored just yet.  In mean while…what have you been doubting yourself with?  Set your goals and go after it.  Self-doubt kills confidence.  Walk out the door everyday wearing your confidence and Tell yourself you GOT what it takes.  Think of it as a MUST accessory you leave with everyday.  Happy YOU day.  HAPPY Monday.

Art, Design, illustrator, Inspirational juice of the day., Quotes



Ahhh what a great reminder from Posh Little Designs.  Thank you for your encouragements.  I could not help and make a quote board from this to remind myself…tap into my creativity!  Her site is filled with greatness.  You should check it out AND follow her! Happy DAY and as for you TAP INTO your creativity!

Art, Design, illustrator, Inspirational juice of the day., Quotes



Friday is here and it is time to be in love with it.  Why wouldn’t you be?  The weekend is about to begin!  Happy friday.

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Be uncomfortable. Take the challenge and grow! You and I are made for more. Don’t choose comfort. What have you done that was uncomfortable and looking on hindsight made you realized that one thing helped you grow more than you imagined?

Have a happy Friday!

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A night of just testing out watercolor and creating typography.  A slight fear sneaks in from time to time and to encourage myself this quote came to mind.  Fear can only paralyze you if you allow it to.  Don’t let it win.  Fight back with FAITH.  You can’t have both in one boat..which one will you chose today?

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Saturday Inspiration

Typography has been my itch lately.  I came upon this quote to inspire me through my journey of 2013.

We are already on July and the summer is leaving me soon.  The days are busy and it is just passing me by.  Many dreams to have and many to accomplish!

Do you have dreams?  Are they little or big?  Whether it is little or big keep going.  Believe in yourself until you get there–its not too far out of reach!

Have a happy Saturday.  On my way to go hike this Mt. Tabor trail.

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Zach Sobiech-01

My friend Lindsay shared this on her Facebook and the title caught my attention.

“This Kid Just Died.  What He Left Behind.”  Zach passed yesterday and he left a legacy.

A legacy to inspire for you to start living NOW and not wait until something happens.

After being taken into a glimpse of  Zach’s life via this Video it inspired me to be more while I’m still living.

At age 14 Zach was diagnosed with a extremely rare and deadly cancer: Osteosarcoma.  Cancer did not stop him

from living.  He continued to live with exuberant joy.  I am moved–I am inspired!  Thanks for leaving this behind.

 What legacy will you leave behind?