SAVORY lunch.

NUVREI–light lunch is what we needed.  Savory Turkey sesame croissant and Dante Biscuits.

SAVORY_TEE2ENVISAGE Red onion was a nice touch to my Turkey sesame croissant sandwich.  YUM..soo light and soo GOOD!


LOVE for pastries.

Sunday afternoon after church…my half and I needed to feed our tummy.  Today was a day I didn’t want to pick a place. My lovely took the honor and thought of a French Bakery.  I suddenly thought…Oooooo croissants.  NOT just any croissants–the ones that is crispy, buttery, and just the right amount of flakes.  NUVREI definitely fulfilled all of the above.  My new found love of NUVREI.  I will surely be back again.  I love the simple arrow stamp on the to GO bags.  It made me feel like I went shopping for some fancy item.  My love got the pear danish and I of course went for the almond croissant!  Soo YUM!


Have a love for french bakery sweets or savory?  Make a visit to NUVREI in The Pearl District of PDX; you won’t be disappointed!

Small and cute place to chat it up with a girlfriend or enjoy the goods with your half.  Great Sunday fun day.  Hope yours was as well.

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CeeZee’s HANDMADE cards

Celebrate any occasion by giving your love one a CeeZee card.  Decorated by Caroline and Zosia.   I received one for my birthday and their goal excited me so much I had to go and support by buying another one.  My better half stumbled on these cards and he supported the locals: Two gals raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and saving up for medical school.  I say YES!  Thanks gals for the lovely unique crafted cards.   I wish you two the best with your company and endeavors.


I received the one with the simple pink button on the right.  It was so cute I had to go and support them by buying another.  got cupcakes?

Did you get your cupcakes?  I got mine!


Contact these gals for more products

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TASTY and Alder.

Sunday was such a lovely day with beautiful weather I couldn’t resist and try out a mid-day brunch place.

Oregon is filled with so many I am slowly marking them off my bucket list. TASTY and Alder for this Sunday!

Started off with a dessert. YES! Panna Cotta. YUMMY! My older sister would sooo APPROVE of this. Dessert before your meal…because most of us never have room for dessert after my meals.


Radicchio* with lardons, manchego, chopped six minute egg

FriesSide of fries. Love the simple presentation.

Steak Burger

Steakhouse Sandwich on Challah.

Loooove the salad! This won me over. The steakhouse is a little heavy for me. One bite was good enough–so tasteful! My boyfriend devoured the rest.

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Electric Static ZOOM

I am an avid runner and have fallen in love with it over the past couple of years, even more with the beautiful green life here in Oregon.  On Saturday night, my partner, a group of friends and co-workers joined me on this electric 5k run.  It was more fun than I was anticipating. Honestly felt like a rave party at the end–lights everywhere with EDM playing in the background. I did this all in the mean while still having my cold. It felt GREAT to run.


Before the race

My partner who supports me through everything I do!<3


One silly shot before we head to the START line!


Here is the START line with a crowd of other mates ready to run this 5k NEON light style! The hype got my adrenaline pumping.

Check out the video on my Instagram: @tee2envisage


The U-M-B-R-E-L-L-A glow station!!


US after we finished our 5k with the RAVE party behind us! SOO MUCH FUN!


ALL Glow light everything.


Last but not least I had to create hearts with the glow lights with my gals!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I felt and thought this run was better and much more fun than the Color me RAD!  You must try it even if your not really a runner..the time flew by soo fast when your enjoying yourself with a group of friends!

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Post long overdue. A few weekends ago my gals and I decided to go have brunch. Irving St. Kitchen was the place to meet. Irving St Kitchen was on the top 12 brunch places MUST try in PDX on Oregonlive. We all pass by this place plenty of times and it was time to try a new brunch place.  The service and ambiance was great, and we sat in a section that almost felt like it was our own space in the restaurant. Brunch here wasn’t that bad!!  My chicken and waffle was good and the caramel sauce was so addicting! We labeled it the “crack syrup”. Here are. Few pics of what the gals and I ordered.



ISK Any Style, Hash Potatoes, Toast: Tasso Bacon, Andouille


Salmon Gravlax Benedict, Buttermilk Biscuits, Arugula, Dill Hollandaise


Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Egg, Buttermilk Syrup (Soo GOOD I had to ask for extra syrupppp!)

Where is your favorite brunch place??  Time to go be GREAT hostesses to our guest this weekend! DIY his and hers package soon to come. HAPPY SUNDAY!

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Color me RAD!

Today, lover and my team tube socks headed out bright and early to join the rest of Portland for the 2013 Color Me RAD! Lots of fun and getting colored!!! Ben and I’s first 5K race. More fun when you get distracted by punches of color on your face and body!












Lots of fun! I suggest you try it out… More like jog through the crowd of sardines and swerve so you so won’t hit another. Great job TEAM TUBE SOCKS!