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ANNIVERSARY adventure.

One of those night we wanted to try something new and it didn’t work out.  After all thank goodness are in the city filled with plenty of restaurants to try out right?  As the night continued we ended up at Bamboo Sushi on 23rd.  I must say my half and I were more than satisfied.  30 min wait? Ohhhh that was a YES, please take our name down for us since the other two places were 40 mins to 2.5 hrs.  Ordered our drinks as we waited and oh did my lychee martini made my experience that much more enjoyable.  Sat down and the half went bonkers on ordering our food.  I must say every dish ordered was satisfying.  The service was great and the food was a bonus.  Overall experience was awesome…you bet we will be back!  Cheers to an additional year to our life together.  Below are the starters and dishes we ordered (the lights were dimmed and romantic).  The edamame was on the house! Quite rare at many japanese restaurants now and days.  MUST try if you live here or are dropping into Portland on one of your adventures.  You won’t be dissappointed.bamboosushi_tee2enivsage

What sushi places would you recommend in Portland or in your city?  Please share.

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Petite Provence

For the last two weeks I have been craving for macrons and while waiting for friends to arrive on Alberta I thought of Petite Provence.  Usually I would go and get a croissant at a french bakery..BUT I stumbled on these wonderfulicious Macrons.

I love the stripe to go package.

Almond Macron_TEE2ENVISAGE

My favorite one out of them all is the Almond BUT they were all tasty and delicious.  Second in line for favorite was the hazelnut!  My favorite place thus far in Portland for Macrons and it was only a buck and fifty each.  NOT BAD at all!

Caramel Macron_tee2envisage
Vanilla Macron_tee2envisage Passionfruit Macron_TEE2ENVISAGE

Last day to enjoy your extended weekend!  My sweet tooth was flu-filled this weekend.  Have a great MONDAY!  What has your palette craved for lately? Please share.
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FIAH SAUCE–brilliant name for a vietnamese restaurant.  MOST of our dish contains fish sauce in it.  The name was more than appropriate.  A few minutes of perusing the menu, I was set on just ordering appetizers.  I was quite satisfied and filled after picking off of these appetizers.  My friends order entrees and they were quite satisfied with those as well.


Small amount of vermicelli on the side was just enough.


Green onion with a grilled corn of the cob? YES!!


These Draper farm’s chicken was great.  Fried chicken on point..especially with the tamarind sauce!


I had to wrap up my experience here with some coconut topping mussels.  DELISH!  Hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend because I am.  HAPPY EATERY this WEEKEND!


Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi_ tee2envisage

A sister restaurant to Pok Pok.  Noi means “Little or tiny bit”.


My favorite: The WINGS! Ohhh mi goodness Ahhmazing!!!  They are known for their Vietnamese flavoring wings.  Some how or another over the years my palette decided to give up spice all together.  I have no tolerance for spicy food anymore.  I know as a a Vietnamese gal this is quite absurd and sad.  My mother still can’t get over this when I told her.  She literally said, “Train your spice tolerance again!”  For these wings, I will train my spice tolerance again.


I must have my Papaya salad every chance I get.  Simple and easy to eat.  Although this one was a bit salty for my taste.

photo 2

To wrap up my birthday lunch, YES I had to order my mango and sticky rice.  Not only do I LOVE mangos, I love the coconut drizzle with the combination of the sticky rice. Yums of goodness.  If you stop by Portland, you MUST stop by just to try the wings.  I just found out they are also located in NY.  I can’t vouch for the one in NY, but if ya’ll try it in NY let me know how it is!  


Grain and Gristle.

Guilty of not having a real burger since my days in West Palm Beach at GREASE.  I have been meaning to try Grain and Gristle’s Brunch.  FIRST time ordering a burger for brunch…Usually I would immediately order the french toast with berries.  NOPE not this time….waiter convinced me it was a MUST try burger as many rated this burger the BEST in Portland.  Better yet the fries were on point!  I love some crispy fries.


I love the wood and simple monogram of G & G against this brick wall color.

One of my favorite burger in Portland thus far…the other is Little BIG BURGER.  Maybe I’ll be on a BURGER hunting spree soon?!

What burger places are your favorite in Portland? Please share.

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TASTY and Alder.

Sunday was such a lovely day with beautiful weather I couldn’t resist and try out a mid-day brunch place.

Oregon is filled with so many I am slowly marking them off my bucket list. TASTY and Alder for this Sunday!

Started off with a dessert. YES! Panna Cotta. YUMMY! My older sister would sooo APPROVE of this. Dessert before your meal…because most of us never have room for dessert after my meals.


Radicchio* with lardons, manchego, chopped six minute egg

FriesSide of fries. Love the simple presentation.

Steak Burger

Steakhouse Sandwich on Challah.

Loooove the salad! This won me over. The steakhouse is a little heavy for me. One bite was good enough–so tasteful! My boyfriend devoured the rest.

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Post long overdue. A few weekends ago my gals and I decided to go have brunch. Irving St. Kitchen was the place to meet. Irving St Kitchen was on the top 12 brunch places MUST try in PDX on Oregonlive. We all pass by this place plenty of times and it was time to try a new brunch place.  The service and ambiance was great, and we sat in a section that almost felt like it was our own space in the restaurant. Brunch here wasn’t that bad!!  My chicken and waffle was good and the caramel sauce was so addicting! We labeled it the “crack syrup”. Here are. Few pics of what the gals and I ordered.



ISK Any Style, Hash Potatoes, Toast: Tasso Bacon, Andouille


Salmon Gravlax Benedict, Buttermilk Biscuits, Arugula, Dill Hollandaise


Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Egg, Buttermilk Syrup (Soo GOOD I had to ask for extra syrupppp!)

Where is your favorite brunch place??  Time to go be GREAT hostesses to our guest this weekend! DIY his and hers package soon to come. HAPPY SUNDAY!