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Post long overdue. A few weekends ago my gals and I decided to go have brunch. Irving St. Kitchen was the place to meet. Irving St Kitchen was on the top 12 brunch places MUST try in PDX on Oregonlive. We all pass by this place plenty of times and it was time to try a new brunch place.  The service and ambiance was great, and we sat in a section that almost felt like it was our own space in the restaurant. Brunch here wasn’t that bad!!  My chicken and waffle was good and the caramel sauce was so addicting! We labeled it the “crack syrup”. Here are. Few pics of what the gals and I ordered.



ISK Any Style, Hash Potatoes, Toast: Tasso Bacon, Andouille


Salmon Gravlax Benedict, Buttermilk Biscuits, Arugula, Dill Hollandaise


Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken & Waffles, Fried Egg, Buttermilk Syrup (Soo GOOD I had to ask for extra syrupppp!)

Where is your favorite brunch place??  Time to go be GREAT hostesses to our guest this weekend! DIY his and hers package soon to come. HAPPY SUNDAY!

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OREGON Leather company

Love the details of the external part of this store and all the great pieces it sells inside.  I am glad there is a leather place like this in Oregon.  After searching online and a bunch of hardware stores for a screw on button stud my project was delayed for quite some time.  Finally a day to venture out to northwest Portland I found the stud at Oregon Leather company!  I now know the name real name for the “button stud” I was looking for: sam browne button stud. Post coming soon: DIY project with the sam browne button stud.Oregon leather co

Great big sign, easy enough too see and find!


Spur of the moment shot.  I was intrigued by the gates and then a guy peeped out holding a rolled up piece of leather.  Right on time just to capture this.


Love the typography design on this door.


Time to search for the piece of leather for my DIY wallet project.

Happy Friday and hope you look forward to your weekend!

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Heart shapes: I see them everywhere I go. Yes, it is my favorite shape out of all shapes. Maybe my eye catches them more because I adore its shape. I see it while roaming the streets, shopping for crafts, eating potato chips, condiments of green onion in my soup, etc; I can go on and on…there are plethora of things I happen to get lucky to see in a shape of a heart. I wanted to share a few I have recently capture within the last two weeks in portland.

Heart on a tree in SW portland.


Pink leather piece with a heart cut-out in NW portland.sidewalkheart_tee2envisage copy

Concrete heart on sidewalk in NE portland.

I bet you will cross path with at least one heart shape thing or item today. Happy Thursday!

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My favorite day of the weekend…..just because

it is midpoint between the start of a weekend and the end of a weekend.

My half and I wrapped up last weekend with a wind me down time

after the Greater than Good art show.

Weekend filled with events can be both fun and exhausting simultaneously.

I know I thought to myself how could this be?!

We decided to have brunch @ East Burn.


Soothes the eye to watch him doodle.  Every chance he gets, the creative juice just flows on paper; even with a Crayola nearby.

And yes…PDX encourages their customers to draw:crayons and brown paper set on the table!  Gotta love PDX for the artsy culture.


bacon, fried steak, and eggs_tee2envisage-02


Brunch devoured!  It was delish.  Simple and enough to fill the tummy.


 Stay tune for posting on greater than good only in portland art show!
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Beads on Beads on Beads

This weekend the gals and I spent our day at the Gem Faire.  Sensory overload.  So many beads everywhere my eye balls where like beagle eyes.  I was OVERWHELMED!  Everything wholesale price…YES!!!  I can’t wait to craft up some jewlery.

Plentiful of beads.  I especially love the brass ones.  Ohh I can’t wait to craft them up.

These mini spools are so stinking cute!  It was one of the many reason I bought it.

It was a great Sunday fun.

JADE teahouse and patisserie

We decided to try a new restaurant this weekend.  Our final destination was Jadeportland. Its located in another suburb called Sellwood. A place that serves Thai and Vietnamese food?  I was not oppose to this choice when it was mentioned.   My top two favorite kind of asian food.

The addition of the Cherry tomatoes in the papaya salad added more great tasting to the dish.  Admired the leaf plate.

Fried rice with an omelette.  Its usually mixed in the fried rice in bits.  An additional mouth savory dish.

I grew up on this and ohh how I miss eating it.  Typically wrapped in banana leaf, but still great without it. This is vietnamese dumpling made with flour and stuffed with meat filling.  Fried onion topping.  YUM!

I had to end my adventure at JADE with a coconut macaron.  I couldn’t resist just because it was one whole dollar less than the place I went to on Saturday.  My ohh my…these little wonderful dessert is great tasting on my palette and my wallet.  BUT I have to say every bite  was worth it!

Make it your goal to try a new restaurant away from the ones you already love.  It never beats to have more choices in the basket.

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East Burnside Adventure.

Blueberry muffin and our shadows.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  Already knew it was going to be a great day!

Started off with Brunch at East Burn.  Yum!

Table with paper to doodle and my half decided to draw our lovely Butters! We Miss him.

Lip stain on tea mug.  #She was #here.

We wanted to enjoy the nice weather and then it got a little breezy so we decided to go inside and then we saw this swing! We sat on these lovely swings.  Different and made us feel like we were in a different world.

Me enjoying the swing like a little girl.

We both had to try the Lobster and Crawfish benedict! So Delish.

Stroll to the Vintage stores.  I love handpicked items and vintage at that!

Another store our good friend recommended us to check out.  Cute little shop.

Random Octopus made of bike chains. Art everywhere in PDX! I heart it.

Dropped by to support Fanny with her POP design necklaces.

Hand craft with beads.
Product of play packaging.

He had to get his  handmade ice cream.  I had to dig for coins to pay for this since I rarely carry cash on me.

Other artist around the Flea Market.  Rein makes very delicate and dainty necklaces.

An old OUIJA board for sale.

Great way to hang pictures!


That was my adventure for the weekend.  Eventful! Hope you enjoyed.