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WESTSIDE of Portland- Here and there.

Captured the collection of randoms during the venture of southwest portland.  Noloitering_tee2envisage

Roshe run sneakers.


VooDoo Doughnut boxes in trash/recycle bins.


The guys waiting for rain to slow down.


The details matter:  Gold typography street name on the brick building.

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OREGON Leather company

Love the details of the external part of this store and all the great pieces it sells inside.  I am glad there is a leather place like this in Oregon.  After searching online and a bunch of hardware stores for a screw on button stud my project was delayed for quite some time.  Finally a day to venture out to northwest Portland I found the stud at Oregon Leather company!  I now know the name real name for the “button stud” I was looking for: sam browne button stud. Post coming soon: DIY project with the sam browne button stud.Oregon leather co

Great big sign, easy enough too see and find!


Spur of the moment shot.  I was intrigued by the gates and then a guy peeped out holding a rolled up piece of leather.  Right on time just to capture this.


Love the typography design on this door.


Time to search for the piece of leather for my DIY wallet project.

Happy Friday and hope you look forward to your weekend!

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Northwest PDX- here and there





Niko (nickname for my Nikon D80) and I went on a NW adventure and what ever caught my eye I captured.  We ventured through the tall green grasses and trees.  We then ended up at the train tracks.  I love to wander places and take pics of random things, people, and places.  This adventure was revolve around things in the NW corner by the slate. It is the beginning of another week–second to last week of March. Two days away from SPRING! Happy Monday.