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I have been thinking of a home for my rings and it came along this morning.  My morning started with one of my eggs getting stuck in the carton and cracked in half!  I thought to myself what a way to start my morning.


A few seconds later I envisioned a ring holder!  I thought YES… REPURPOSE that egg carton!  Ahhhh an epic fail turned into a success.  Not a bad morning after all.


All you need is an egg carton, a knife, maybe scissors, and less than 5 minutes.

EGG CARTON_tee2envisage-01



Whaaa la.  Use the inside of the egg carton as a ring holder.  Take away message: silver lining in the dark clouds.  Happy Saturday.

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Summer is drawing near to the end and I am enjoying my little bits of my jasmine blueberry ice tea.

  Fall is approaching fairly quick.  Here on the west coast we have to take advantage of the sun when it is out to play. ENJOY your labor day weekend.


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A night of just testing out watercolor and creating typography.  A slight fear sneaks in from time to time and to encourage myself this quote came to mind.  Fear can only paralyze you if you allow it to.  Don’t let it win.  Fight back with FAITH.  You can’t have both in one boat..which one will you chose today?

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Thank you to all my followers for the support.  I started this blog to share my view of art and a way of keeping track of my milestones.  My blog world has changed ever since joining WordPress. A community of supporter and inspiration.  This post is dedicated to all my 100 followers (WordPress fam).  I hope to continue to inspire and share my journey with you all.

You know how much I love tea…YES I had too…100 made out of Sweet Asian Pear Tea bits from Teavanna.


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My oh my!  I heard one of the nutritionist talk about Kale chips a couple months ago and I recently tried these Kale Chips.  I waited too long to have tried these!!  This has been my new crave obsession. I’ve had it everyday for the last 4 days AND it is so simple to make!!  A friend from Detroit visited a week ago and inspired me to eat more whole foods.  I mentioned kale chips and she offered to show me how to make them.  Thanks Kara!  And now I’m sharing them with you if you have not tried it yet.  It is a MUST try.


Baked Kale-01

Ingredients needed: Olive oil, dash of sea salt, and bake in the oven on 310 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  I check in between 10-12 to be sure its not browning too much.  When you see the leaves has flattened onto the cooking sheet and brown tips, its DONE!  Let it cool for a few minutes and then its READY to be devoured.  Make sure to not overlap the kale as it won’t be crisp on the parts that are covered.

Have a HAPPY SATURDAY. I’m getting ready for my electric run tonight. Will update you all soon.

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SUNSET at Cannon Beach

Can you tell I’m overly obsessed with my Nikkor 50mm lens? Oye..I need to stop neglecting my other collection of lens.. time to switch it up. Just maybe I’ll use it this weekend. >_<

First for everything..first time snap shooting the sunsets with my Nikon at Cannon Beach.  Make effort to complete the small things on your bucket list!  Sunset at Cannon Beach..CHECK.    Felt hopeless romantic!  Bird flying in the air and couples walking the beach while the sun sets.  Have a GREAT Saturday–SUNSET tonight with your friend (s), pal (s), BF/GF, family or anyone?  HAVE fun whatever you do!

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Sunbursts and Water Glistens

First time just focusing on the water glistening and enjoying the sunbursts. Second time at Cannon beach and this was exactly what I pictured.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did while capturing them.

Farewell until next time. T2