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SUNSET at Cannon Beach

Can you tell I’m overly obsessed with my Nikkor 50mm lens? Oye..I need to stop neglecting my other collection of lens.. time to switch it up. Just maybe I’ll use it this weekend. >_<

First for everything..first time snap shooting the sunsets with my Nikon at Cannon Beach.  Make effort to complete the small things on your bucket list!  Sunset at Cannon Beach..CHECK.    Felt hopeless romantic!  Bird flying in the air and couples walking the beach while the sun sets.  Have a GREAT Saturday–SUNSET tonight with your friend (s), pal (s), BF/GF, family or anyone?  HAVE fun whatever you do!

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Last weekend I was craving for seafood.  I chose to make Manila Garlic clams–of course the asian flavoring was a must for me!  I love cuisines of all types and my favorite is ASIAN cuisine.  Recipe shared below for your interest.  All photos captured with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.

1. Pick your clam.

2. Gather your vegetables/herbs/spices.  Whatever you refer your onions, garlic, and ginger as..I refer them to vegetables.

3. Skin the ginger with a spoon.  It does it perfectly well–learned it from food network a few years back–and a reminder from my older sis.  Then slice them into pieces as shown above and cut it into rectangle shapes.  Anything close to mince is what you want.

4. Mine your onion–I chose to use red onion–you can use white onion as well.

5. Mince the garlic to small bits–gotta love the garlic.  The home remedies for many illnesses. Posting on this later!

6.  Time to roast the garlic and onion with 2 tablespoon of oil for 2 mins.  You can use regular Olive oil—I used extra virgin olive oil. Then add the ginger and keep stirring for another 2 mins.

7. Add 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce and continue to stir the concoction for 2 min.

8. Add your 2 lb clams to the pot.

9. Now add 1/2 cup of water to get the clam to start cooking.  Seems a little bit and when the clam shells start to open the juice from the clam will be just enough mixed with the concoction.  Let it cook for 5 minutes.

10.  Any clams that did not open up–toss it out.  Its probably a bad one.

You can add other spices like thai chili pepper and green onions to add some color to your clams!  Have a GREAT Thursday!

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Water Reflections


Water reflections of Haystack rock, woman waling her dog, boy walking/running in the water, and mother walking with her little baby.

While relaxing on the beach I was capture the moments of reflection of people enjoying themselves on the beach with the water washing up on shore.  Peaceful and enjoyable!  Happy Tuesday.  do you love photos with reflections in them?

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REMSEN the Frenchie.

The loving owners of Remsen, we are grateful to have this opportunity to care for their little man.  Particular any one is when it comes to their little; We got lucky to be able to bond and give tender, love, and care to this Frenchie.  B and I couldn’t help it and compare him to our other Frenchie we dog-sit:BUTTERS.

He is such a playful dog.  Many are playful..this little one can play until you are tired.  If I could describe him in three words: energetic, loving, obedient!  There are moments he just doesn’t feel like obeying and it is ok—no one is perfect right?

The bone he loves to just chew he is like a little baby getting his hands on everything.  I forget what it is like to have a kid around.  He definitely reminded me QUICK!

He uses the side of chairs, my feet, and any edge he can find to lean his bone on while he chews away.

Last but not least he is such a GREAT sport at being my dog model.  <33333  Many more postings to share of this little one!  Do you ever dog-sit or have one that you adore to death? Happy Wednesday.

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SOCKS for the toes and feet.


Spring and I am talking about socks? Another one of my many fetish. Yes, Oregon Spring is quite an odd ball compared to what I am use to in the warm and sunny Florida.  Ever since I moved to the West coast I live in socks.  In Florida I only wore them when needed, which was almost close to never, unless I was going for a run with my sneakers.  During the winter and spring here in Oregon I can’t sleep without them.  My toes and feet love me for covering them during these seasons.  While strolling around Target I came across a few socks.  The chevron pattern one caught my eye; one of the many favs.  Scored some wool socks for 3 bucks.  Wool is a pricey piece of fabric and great for people who have arthritis to keep those joints warm and covered for flexibility in the cold weather.  





Photos captured by me with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.  Happy Monday and keep those toes and feet warm if your Spring is still in the 30s and 40s like mine!
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Thenadays Thursday: Laura

As I scramble through my album, I came across the photos of Laura; when I decided to go and test out my new tripod my half gifted to me.  With the natural lighting not being so great the tripod definitely helped a lot with these shots!  A plus side was a the model of mine. Willing, fun-filled, flexible, goofy, and gorgeous your are. Here are a few RAW, no editing, or tweaking photos to share our journey for the day.

A day out with Nikon and Laura photo opin’

I surrender!!!!

Swinging like Tarzan on the hanging twig!  The twigs were so natural and pretty.  One day I want to swing from a twig into the lake!

Gorgeous colorful stump we found along the way of our photo shoot.  I appreciate this art piece.

So pretty and beautiful you are! Thank your for being a sport in being my model even though you felt a little awkward that day!

Btw, great hearing from you! Your in my thoughts and prayer.