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Thenaday Thursday- St.Pete Bridge

Last December I went home to go visit my nephew back home in Florida and got the chance to catch up with a friend from college.  YES, this post was suppose to happen months ago and it didn’t.  I knew with all the craziness start of the year this post was going to be one of my thenadays.  J, I hope you enjoy and YES it was well worth it going across both sides of the bridge view!

I was lucky to catch this bird in mid-air just perfectly aligning with the St. Pete Bridge.

There was plenty of pelicans sitting on the side waiting for the moment to snatch their lunch off a line of a man working hard in the sun to catch his.  Photos taken with Nikon D80 and Nikkor 35mm lens.  Hope you enjoyed the go out and take advantage of the sun if it came out to play on your side of the town!

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Beach day filled with fun!

More photos from Cannon Beach.  The sky was really blue that day and so was the ocean.  Pretty as can be.

Beach day filled with plenty.

Couples cycling on the sand…

Kids from Africa having fun in the sand…

Me enjoying the exfoliation in the soft grains of the sand…

Soothing sound of the ocean waves creating ripples in the shallow water…

and even the lady bug decided to give us a visit.  I hear its lucky to have a lady bug land on ya! *wink*

  Better half enjoying the peaceful sound of the beach and sun bathing–with a little nap.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  Only less than 24 hours closer to my favorite day of the week!