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Thenadays- Hint of teal here and there.

A week in NY on Long island with my lovely friend Kaci. The Nursing school journey ended and we were starting the real life. In the moment we were searching for our nursing job and applying like a mad woman. Moment of editing the small changes here and there for our resumes. In between it all, I decided to visit Kaci and explore the inner towns of New York and she took me around Long Island. One place I got to experience was her family’s cottage in Breezy Shores in Green Port, NY. My was this place a small cute village with about 20 cottages. Meals and wine during the day with the breezy wind from the shore–just what the name had to offer. Photos taken by yours truly–Nikon D80 with 50mm lens. YES, I do love my 50mm lens out of my collection of lens. There was a hint of teal in my Long Island collection. Enjoy…the hint of teal here and there.

It was relaxing just as the photo above portrays. We were watching the sailboats racing with one another across the shore. It was much needed after a few years of craziness from Nursing school. I was always reminded by my dear Kaci to relax and this was something that was not in my everyday life while in Nursing school. You better bet I have learned what it really means to RELAX and take time for myself. YOU shall do the same. Happy Thursday and go take time to RELAX today!


Gaze into the moment.

I do have very weird photography favorites.  One of them is the series of catching people gazing into the moment from the back view.  Candid shots.

One last gaze around the house before my friend left for the real world.

One last vacation before we worked as nurses.  Summer 2011

Mother caught in the moment getting soda pop for the little one.  The little guy was so intrigued with the machine taking in the dollar bill.

Stroll in Downtown Seattle.

A guy enjoying his DRE beats while strolling downtown Seattle.

My lovely sis and bro in law strolling the path on a sunny day.

Last but not least, even Butters have gazing moments as I walked him in the early morning.