Mornings with Ryan

Because Auntie live so far away facetime is what connects us. My mornings facetiming with this little one is always grand and this is why…

He is in the state where he carries his Teddy everywhere.

Baby Ryan and Teddy. Thanks Auntie Hu hu for my Teddy.

Have a great Saturday!


One Month!

Time is passing by so fast!  I do know especially with babies they grow so fast every moment needs to be embraced.  I can’t believe it has already been a month since my little guy has been breathing the air of this world.  Heres an update of the little mister. He is always sleeping and told my sister embrace the moment for NOW!  A month and a day!

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Handcraft booties by my friend DY.  I can’t wait to get these on my little handsome Ryan!

Enjoy your weekend.


Little ones.

Hello my little guy!! It isn’t even near your due date yet and I am getting excited over you.  Auntie can’t stop thinking about you and is waiting patiently to meet you.  I can’t wait to see your little teeny tiny fingers and toes.  Spoiled already and you haven’t even taken a breath of this life on earth yet.  I go shopping and craze over all the little cute Onesies and bibs.  Love you from a distance—I already feel connected to you as much as your mother does!

Along with my other three adorable nephews this will be an addition to our little pack.  No nieces yet, but I still love this littles.

Do you have any little ones or nieces/nephews? Aren’t they so adorable?

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My 1st nephews 8th birthday!!

Your growing up so fast I can’t stop but to think of all the memories of you as a baby!  Because you came into the world I became an auntie.  This changed my world.  I remember going to my Vegas trip and buying you your gift before you were out of your mother’s womb.  Spoiled before taking a breathe of this world.  Then you were at 6 months and I read books to you and you giggled so loud and hard ever than I heard before.  You loved reading before you even knew it.  Now look at you every birthday, Christmas, every gift is “I want Books”.  I hope you enjoy these books: 1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and 2) The Indian in the Cupboard.  A few of my favorites growing up.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  Auntie love you.  Enjoy this additional year to your life.  It was a great time facetiming with you this AM! =D