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My oh my!  I heard one of the nutritionist talk about Kale chips a couple months ago and I recently tried these Kale Chips.  I waited too long to have tried these!!  This has been my new crave obsession. I’ve had it everyday for the last 4 days AND it is so simple to make!!  A friend from Detroit visited a week ago and inspired me to eat more whole foods.  I mentioned kale chips and she offered to show me how to make them.  Thanks Kara!  And now I’m sharing them with you if you have not tried it yet.  It is a MUST try.


Baked Kale-01

Ingredients needed: Olive oil, dash of sea salt, and bake in the oven on 310 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  I check in between 10-12 to be sure its not browning too much.  When you see the leaves has flattened onto the cooking sheet and brown tips, its DONE!  Let it cool for a few minutes and then its READY to be devoured.  Make sure to not overlap the kale as it won’t be crisp on the parts that are covered.

Have a HAPPY SATURDAY. I’m getting ready for my electric run tonight. Will update you all soon.