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milk tea-01

Not a big fan of coffee and love tea? You may fall in love with this as much as I did. Its so simple and not much effort at all. Make it yourself at home any time of the day!

milk tea 1-01

1) Pick your tea. I prefer Jasmine or black tea.

milk tea 2-01

2) As you can see Jasmine was my pick! I used loose herbs of Jasmine tea. Don’t have time to use tea infuser? Use a tea bag. It’s just as good! A tea I grew up drinking with my parents and the older folks. I would say most Asians can vouch they grew up around this jasmine tea brand and/or even drank it and still does!

milk tea 3-01

3) Leave the tea in the water for as long as you like. The longer the stronger the tea extract. I left the tea leaves in the boiling water for about 3-4 minutes. As you can see, I used a strainer to separate my tea leaves..ghetto fab huge strainer..I know! Use what you have in the kitchen and make it work is what momma always said. Be creative.

milk tea 4-014) Milk can be used with sugar. I did a little experiment and fell in love! I used french vanilla creamer. I filled the cup with 3/4 of boiled water with the tea extract and about 1/4 of the creamer. It really depends how sweet you want it. All by preference!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I whip this concoction up for a relaxing time. All photos taken by me with the Canon 5D Mark ii Hope your Tuesday was a great day.