After flying from Delhi to Cochin with great laughters in between it all, we arrived to this meal.  FINALLY–Kaci, Mel, and I ventured out and tried food in the restuarant.  Our friend’s family we stayed with was protecting us from trying any type of street food so we won’t get sick.  You would think three nurses would be more careful.  This moment felt like our childhood again–we know we shouldn’t and we did anyways.  Ohh that pineapple juice shake..YES we tried it.  My crazy body and the no spicy food rule.  I took a second venture and ate the REALLY spicy food anyways knowing what it will do to me later. It was delish!!!  We ordered chicken fried rice, fish curry, and butter chicken.  WOW!  In the mean while the meal was great and we glad we ventured out.  More to come later on what happened later on that day!

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Thanks for dropping in to say hello. It made our Christmas eve!  I never ate so much sugar cookies until today. It was yummy especially the edible silver decor. -Love T & B


Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Two items we made and brought:
Green beans garlic flavor and honey glazed spiral ham.

More photos to come.



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Inspirational juice of the day.



I was always told from friends, family, and my half, “the little things excite you!”

It truly does and I can appreciate it a lot more than the big things. =)


Gaze into the moment.

I do have very weird photography favorites.  One of them is the series of catching people gazing into the moment from the back view.  Candid shots.

One last gaze around the house before my friend left for the real world.

One last vacation before we worked as nurses.  Summer 2011

Mother caught in the moment getting soda pop for the little one.  The little guy was so intrigued with the machine taking in the dollar bill.

Stroll in Downtown Seattle.

A guy enjoying his DRE beats while strolling downtown Seattle.

My lovely sis and bro in law strolling the path on a sunny day.

Last but not least, even Butters have gazing moments as I walked him in the early morning.

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Thenaday Thursday @ Oneonta Gorge in Columbia River

Walks, hopping over on the logs to get to our destination.

Even the Pug can do it on the pile of logs on top of each other!

Gorgeous caves.  Cold water, felt great after a few miles of hike on the horsetail.

New kicks all wet, but still look fresh.

Macro of wood chip.  I heart the contrast of wood chip against the flow of water and leaves.

Fish eye shot of the small rocks in the pathway.

Moss trees while hiking. Greens everywhere!

Mission accomplish!  Everyone’s sneakers got wet by the end of this trip.  The hiking crew.  Thanks Andrada for showing us around the Gorge.

All that hard work lead us to this. The Oneonta Fall.  The breeze, enjoyment of swimming in deep waters under the water fall.  Felt like heaven.

I had to capture this great work of architecture design of this tunnel on our way back to the car.

This is one of the must places to go when your here in Oregon!

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Photo op for BeGreaterthanGood


Spontaneous shoot during Labor day!  Where ever the day took us with Greaterthangood keychain: 23rd street, Freemont bridge/The Slate, and East Burnside.

Stay tune…more to come of my favorites from the shoot.