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Serious Pie

Last weekend–made a stop at Serious Pie in Seattle,WA for late lunch. Deliciousness!

20131021-203641.jpgMy second time stopping in and its still delicious.
Not only do they serve pizza they also have biscuits.

Ohhhh my! Brussels sprout?! Ummmm YES I couldn’t pass this up. I wasn’t ever a big fan of Brussels sprout until the love cooked it for me! Ever since then, you better believe it, anything brussels sprout I am ordering! Future post on Brussel sprout to come.


We ordered a pie topped with sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers, provolone and the love added prosciutto. Such a nice touch to our pie–it was complete and tasty.


A touch of lemon in the water is always needed! What restaurant(s) have you tried as of late? Please share because I might just have to stop by when I am in the area.


LOVE for pastries.

Sunday afternoon after church…my half and I needed to feed our tummy.  Today was a day I didn’t want to pick a place. My lovely took the honor and thought of a French Bakery.  I suddenly thought…Oooooo croissants.  NOT just any croissants–the ones that is crispy, buttery, and just the right amount of flakes.  NUVREI definitely fulfilled all of the above.  My new found love of NUVREI.  I will surely be back again.  I love the simple arrow stamp on the to GO bags.  It made me feel like I went shopping for some fancy item.  My love got the pear danish and I of course went for the almond croissant!  Soo YUM!


Have a love for french bakery sweets or savory?  Make a visit to NUVREI in The Pearl District of PDX; you won’t be disappointed!

Small and cute place to chat it up with a girlfriend or enjoy the goods with your half.  Great Sunday fun day.  Hope yours was as well.

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A salad at Tasty and alder left me craving for more…I had to replicate it.

It is so simple and delish.  I made it for dinner two nights ago as a side salad.





Have a great Thursday.  Whats cooking in your kitchen?  Share.

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Egg with a dash of salt & pepper.MANGOS_TEE2ENVISAGE-01

Summer is over AND it won’t stop me from snacking on my mangos.

Hummus and Cheese_TEE2ENVISAGE

Spinach and Artichoke Hummus with sesame water crackers and The Laughing cow Chipotle Queso.

YUMMY in my tummy.  A little cheese won’t hurt–even though I am lactose intolerance. Better than JUNK into my system.

What is your favorite snacks as of late?  Please share.

P.S.  A tad bit of color in each picture all for YOU!

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As of late, I had to find food that is filling and also a plus to my salt intake.  Typically, you’ll hear your doctor tell you DECREASE your salt intake because its causing your blood pressure to rise.  NOT this gal.  Doc said to me, ” You are going to have to INCREASE your salt intake, your blood pressure is too low.”  MY FACE EXPRESSION o_O.  Low blood pressure isn’t a problem until you start having symptoms.  The headache and lightheadedness was not my best friend.  So I went and searched for food that is not processed, contains salt, and also fiber to satisfy my body’s hunger.  Stumbled on roasted seaweed from Costco.  The store that always gets anybody’s wallet.  Do you eat seaweed as a snack?  My go to snack lately and keeps me full and satisfied for the next couple of hours.  For the sake of just the salt intake, I decided to do some research on nutrition benefits of eating seaweed.  Here


Seaweed is filled with plentiful of fiber content. It keeps you filled and feed your munch craves.  Better than eating a bag of skittle or chips and feeling lethargic 15 mins after AND needing more snacks!  Packed with Vitamin A & C all great for your immune system, skin, heart, eyes and plenty more.  The fiber can help aid your digestive system to pull in water and start bowel movements.  Contains virtually NO FAT!  Love to have NO FAT.  I had no idear it is filled with so much fiber


So crispy and YUM!


Time to snack away!

Will you snack on seaweed?  If you already do, please share your favorite flavor.

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HAPPY BBQ time it was with friends.  Summer is ALMOST over and surely the RAIN and COLD weather has been reminding me.  Last Sunday we all decided to BBQ it up to spend the last moments of it.  Soaked in the sun a bit and chow down on some spiral dogs along with grilled corn garnished with green onions.  YUM it was.  How are you spending your last bits of summer before the lovely fall approaches?


Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi

Pok Pok Noi_ tee2envisage

A sister restaurant to Pok Pok.  Noi means “Little or tiny bit”.


My favorite: The WINGS! Ohhh mi goodness Ahhmazing!!!  They are known for their Vietnamese flavoring wings.  Some how or another over the years my palette decided to give up spice all together.  I have no tolerance for spicy food anymore.  I know as a a Vietnamese gal this is quite absurd and sad.  My mother still can’t get over this when I told her.  She literally said, “Train your spice tolerance again!”  For these wings, I will train my spice tolerance again.


I must have my Papaya salad every chance I get.  Simple and easy to eat.  Although this one was a bit salty for my taste.

photo 2

To wrap up my birthday lunch, YES I had to order my mango and sticky rice.  Not only do I LOVE mangos, I love the coconut drizzle with the combination of the sticky rice. Yums of goodness.  If you stop by Portland, you MUST stop by just to try the wings.  I just found out they are also located in NY.  I can’t vouch for the one in NY, but if ya’ll try it in NY let me know how it is!