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Ice Cream Social UPDATE!

The build of the excitement continued as the day approach from everyone a part of this event.  A thought came to fruition with hard work and passion.  Nights of brainstorming and chit chatting to bounce off of each others ideas.  Brain in action to create with confidence.  Greater than good fam putting together the art event.  Great work fam!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.

DIY craft

Lace cork coaster

No coasters around the little home gave me a project to craft up. Lace has always been one fabric I adore. With wine corks given to me by a girlfriend helped me with my wine cork crafts. This was one of the 3 projects I created. All you need is fabric of choice, glue gun, wine corks, and a felt sheet for the bottom layer. I cut the corks to about 0.5 inches thick and glued them into a circle. Last but not least I glued the lace and felt sheet onto the wine cork…and there you have it…your personalized coaster. My cup of tea now has a company. These are great gifts, who can’t use a personalized coaster? =)