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Thenaday-Last Summer


Last summer we had friends visiting.  Ohhh these two…I couldn’t get enough of them.  B and I miss you guys mucho!!!  Here are a few photos I took of them as they explored Cannon Beach or as they call it here “THE COAST”.  It was Kara’s first time touching the North Pacific Ocean’s water.  The little things that puts a smile on ones face–ohhh I LOVE!  Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark ii.  Enjoy!

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Young and fearless.

Savannah: a gal with pretty blue eyes and fearless trait.  One of my co-worker’s cherished litte one.  If only we can all live without fear like kids many great things can be accomplished.  Savannah wasn’t fearful of anyone saying no to her.  I handed her a wrapped lollipop.  Soon after she asked for me to open it for her.  I told her to ask her mom if it was ok for her to have sweets.  After asking mom, she was told “If you can get someone to open it for you, then you can have it.”  In a room full of people she went to everyone with a lollipop in her hand waving it to get it open.  After making 1 round and the lollipop still wrapped she came right back to momma and politely asked for her to open it.  No fear of rejection what so ever…she continued to go around the room again.  By the way, Savannah did get her Auntie Traci to open it for her!  Persistent she was!  All photos captured with Canon Mark II 5D by my better half and I.

A lesson to take with you today!  Be fearless of rejection or failures. Today go conquer one thing/dream you always wanted.  It can be something simple and little.  The little dreams lead to the big dreams.  Happy Monday!

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Three years old–RyRy

Ry Ry loves spider man and his 3 year old party theme was Super Heros.  Besides my frenchies that I dog-sit–Kids steal my heart away and babies–even more when their around the 6 month mark!  Ben and I were honored to join in Ry Ry’s 3rd birthday celebration.  All photos taken by the better half with Canon Mark II 5D and Sigma 50mm lens.  Ry ry is so polite and well mannered little character.  I received a new nickname from him ” Auntie Tweet”.  So stinkin’ cute!! I love him.

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tea-coffee break


Photo by: the lover boy with his Canon Mark II and Sigma 50mm–Photo was taken a little bit ago during our tea/coffee break–I was sippin’ on my Chai tea latte with soy–My favorite at STARBUCKS! Later to come I will share about our coffee/tea love. On another note, I am a big Nikon fan and I have now opened my world to learn the Canon family of DSLR. The more the merrier right? One household with too many varieties of preferences. Ahh ya! Explore the world because it is all yours to learn and share.

This Friday I am choosing to unwind with just hobbies and relax. Things involving little thinking. My mind has been neglected of therapy time. Hope you have your me and relaxing time too. Its great for the mind and the soul. Happy Friday folks!