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birthday WEEKEND

BDAY 2013

Blessed with another year is all I can ask for.  On hindsight last year was filled with many challenges, hiccups, and accomplishments.  I planned and more doors opened.  There were times of uncertainty and I knew I will end the year with I’m ready for the next challenge!  Simple and chilled birthday is all I needed this year.

HBD from the future

Ever since I dog-sat the two Frenchies for our friends I fell in love!  My big smile was because of this reminder: my future frenchie will be here soon.  My creative and loving half drew our future Frenchie.  Love the details.

HBD love note

Every time I read a card from him it melts my heart and eyes filled with happy tears.  The words are much when needed and very heart felt.  Thank you love!

CZ Cards

The CZ cards are simple and pretty.  I will share more about these cards and it’s creators soon. Such a sweet story to the makings of this!  Hope you enjoyed the photos all taken with the Canon Mark II 5D. Have a great TUESDAY!

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Summer is leaving us soon.   For the last two years it has been a bittersweet transition of season for me.  I came across a snow cone booth this past weekend  at the Oregon Bite…how could I just pass it and not get one?!  It was 80 degrees out AND I needed something to cool me down.  It was a nostalgic moment…I felt like a little kid again.  While my half was coloring our shaved ice I was behind the Canon Mark II capturing away.




I hope you are enjoying the last bits of SUMMER 2013..I can’t believe we are already half way through AUGUST.  Happy Thursday!
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Young and fearless.

Savannah: a gal with pretty blue eyes and fearless trait.  One of my co-worker’s cherished litte one.  If only we can all live without fear like kids many great things can be accomplished.  Savannah wasn’t fearful of anyone saying no to her.  I handed her a wrapped lollipop.  Soon after she asked for me to open it for her.  I told her to ask her mom if it was ok for her to have sweets.  After asking mom, she was told “If you can get someone to open it for you, then you can have it.”  In a room full of people she went to everyone with a lollipop in her hand waving it to get it open.  After making 1 round and the lollipop still wrapped she came right back to momma and politely asked for her to open it.  No fear of rejection what so ever…she continued to go around the room again.  By the way, Savannah did get her Auntie Traci to open it for her!  Persistent she was!  All photos captured with Canon Mark II 5D by my better half and I.

A lesson to take with you today!  Be fearless of rejection or failures. Today go conquer one thing/dream you always wanted.  It can be something simple and little.  The little dreams lead to the big dreams.  Happy Monday!

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Three years old–RyRy

Ry Ry loves spider man and his 3 year old party theme was Super Heros.  Besides my frenchies that I dog-sit–Kids steal my heart away and babies–even more when their around the 6 month mark!  Ben and I were honored to join in Ry Ry’s 3rd birthday celebration.  All photos taken by the better half with Canon Mark II 5D and Sigma 50mm lens.  Ry ry is so polite and well mannered little character.  I received a new nickname from him ” Auntie Tweet”.  So stinkin’ cute!! I love him.