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DIY Gold & Glitter Jars|Vase


An empty glass, gold spray paint and glitter spray.   Thats just it…thats all you need. I used an old jar from spaghetti sauce.


Spray the jar gold.


Add the glitter spray….


OR leave it matte!  Now go fancy up your desk with your new gold jars as a vase or writing utensil holders.  Keep it simple and pretty.  I am glad its FRIDAY..enjoy your weekend!

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Friday–inspirational juice of the day.



Odd and imperfect make things more unique and I love the things and people of this world for these traits.  The norm gets boring and to spice it all up the odd and imperfect is just enough!  I must agree with Marc Jacobs.

HAPPY FRIDAY and keep it going.  The weekend is a few hours away!

Inspirational juice of the day.

Inspirational juice of the day.

Classy adj \ˈkla-sē\ :admirably skillful and graceful

Fabulous adj \ˈfa-byə-ləs\ : resembling or suggesting a fable : of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature

This quote often reminds me to be overdress, then undress no matter where I go. You just never know an event you’ll be invited to, be ready and show up with class and be fabulous!