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I was take myself into a tour of other things illustration has to offer and stumbled on these squares.  Sooo much on illustration I have not explored just yet.  In mean while…what have you been doubting yourself with?  Set your goals and go after it.  Self-doubt kills confidence.  Walk out the door everyday wearing your confidence and Tell yourself you GOT what it takes.  Think of it as a MUST accessory you leave with everyday.  Happy YOU day.  HAPPY Monday.

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What is this Sweetest day people are talking about?  Another imitation of Valentines day I thought to myself.  I paid it no mind and didn’t bother to do more research until a few friends this weekend asked me what do I have planned for my half?  I said with confidence, “This girls GOT IT! She’s  got it, she’s  got it!” as I’m dancing in a circle. *giggles*   Ohhh I was being silly.

Sweetest day is a holiday mostly celebrated in the Great lakes region.  A day of opportunity to celebrate remembrance of the sick, the aged and orphans, and any friends, relatives, and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.  Like I said, “another imitated V-Day!”.

At the get together last week one of my guy friend mentioned this day and said, “SWEETEST day is made for girls to spoil the guys for once.  I thought hmmm…it sounds great…BUT it wasn’t meant for that!  I told him give me one reason why it should be for the girls to splurge on the guys for once.  His answer:  “It will show your appreciation and love for the guys, but when you do that it will be reciprocated.  Love comes full circle anyways.  Men work hard…we put you ladies first everyday.”  I personally never really celebrated Valentines day.  I feel that the love should be shared everyday and when days like this comes around its a reminder to keep the lovin’ flowing.  ANYWAYS…I took my love one to the DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOW for some great laughs last night!  Celebrating a just because day. *SMILES*

What do you have gathered for your SWEETHEART?  You still have exactly 8 days.  Get on it.  Have a lovely SUNDAY!

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A night of just testing out watercolor and creating typography.  A slight fear sneaks in from time to time and to encourage myself this quote came to mind.  Fear can only paralyze you if you allow it to.  Don’t let it win.  Fight back with FAITH.  You can’t have both in one boat..which one will you chose today?

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FEATHERY Wednesday.

My pinterest board has been on a FEATHER earring obsession. Finally came around to ordering the pieces to conquer my DIY feather earrings.

Time to let the creativity come to life. Below are some inspirations I have come across lately. Photos are screen captured from pinterest. You can check them out on my feathers

board.Feather obsessionThis obsession calls for a DIY Feather earring post soon..STAY TUNE! Happy Feathery Wednesday.

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GTG Only in Portland Art show.

Another successful night of the art show put together by the Begreaterthangood team last weekend.I love and enjoy art shows and gallery.  I get to dive into the artist mind through their art piece. Creative minds gathered together in one room to socialize with their friends, families, and simply just meeting new people.  Also with the live music by DJBenofficial made it more real.









More details of the 3 doughnut-sneaker inspired   Art by Benslamin. GREAT job GTG team!  Onwards to the next one …Keep it going. I will be looking forward to it!

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Live edge wood.

Something about the live edge wood gets me every time I see it.  The expression of art via this is indescribable.  Each slab of live edge wood has its own characteristics and just maybe thats why I love it even more.  I have been wanting a piece of furniture made of live edge wood slabs rather its a coffee table, a dining table, or book shelf.  I admire them all. Some visions for my future DIY piece of furniture.  I haven’t figure out what piece of furniture I want to build just yet, but I’m sure this project will bring plenty of fun and entail a lot of hard work!

1. Coffee table via hellolidy

Dainty hair pin legs with live edge wood slab.

2. Dining table via barefootfloor

3. Headboard via barefootfloor

4. Book shelf via Calfinder


Soon I will triumph on this project.

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Post on my adventure in Pearl District as I took what intrigued my eye along the way. Black and white series of randoms.

This describes PDX well.  A city not lack of art.  Surrounded by art in every way.  Buildings to walls to floors.  Much appreciated!

A row of doors decorated with art and quotes.  This one captured me.

I love alleys and lights hanging above.  It gives it a romance ambiance.

Last one as I get into the car to go home.  I got lost in the night.  It was fun.  My friends walking ahead and I’m captivated by the art intriguing my inner mind.  First time exploring night life PDX and being captivated by art in the dark.