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Palate craves

My palate has been craving for fruits and this is one of my go to snacks for my sugar crave. I love the chocolates and it has been too much unnatural sweets making me fatigue. Time to feed my body what it truly craves for and can naturally process.

Some nutrition facts to share about grapefruit:

– low in calories & plenty of fiber source– enough to clear those toxins out of your colon membranes

– loaded with antioxidants– good to fight off free radicals and for better vision! (Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases) Antioxidants help keep those skin tight and young….Big plus for me and you! Who doesn’t want that?!

– Vitamin A & C (anti-oxidants)- A is great for the skin and C is great to help body resist against infectious agents and scare away those free radicals!

– Potassium–an electrolyte the body needs to help with the sodium effect to control heart rate and blood pressure, important component of cells and body fluids.

-Also loaded with Lycopene (flavonoid anti-oxidant): provides protection from UV rays and offers protection for prostate cancer.

For a sweeter taste to the grapefruit while snacking I add a tiny sprinkle of salt. Such a nostalgic moment. Reminds me of my mother– every time she peeled a grapefruit there was always a small bowl of salt right next to it. As a child you always trusted your mother because she knows best. This is how I’ve always known to eat grapefruit and it never left me. The older I get I’m starting to see my mother’s teaching ooze out of me. This only reminds me I am getting older–starting to be like my mother state! And I know my sisters can vouch for this! *wink & grine*



Hope you love grapefruit more now with all the facts and a sprinkle of salt. Happy Friday!