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ANNIVERSARY adventure.

One of those night we wanted to try something new and it didn’t work out.  After all thank goodness are in the city filled with plenty of restaurants to try out right?  As the night continued we ended up at Bamboo Sushi on 23rd.  I must say my half and I were more than satisfied.  30 min wait? Ohhhh that was a YES, please take our name down for us since the other two places were 40 mins to 2.5 hrs.  Ordered our drinks as we waited and oh did my lychee martini made my experience that much more enjoyable.  Sat down and the half went bonkers on ordering our food.  I must say every dish ordered was satisfying.  The service was great and the food was a bonus.  Overall experience was awesome…you bet we will be back!  Cheers to an additional year to our life together.  Below are the starters and dishes we ordered (the lights were dimmed and romantic).  The edamame was on the house! Quite rare at many japanese restaurants now and days.  MUST try if you live here or are dropping into Portland on one of your adventures.  You won’t be dissappointed.bamboosushi_tee2enivsage

What sushi places would you recommend in Portland or in your city?  Please share.

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About two and some weeks ago my manager said, “I have something for you!” I thought oh ok no big thing…thought it was a project. When you least expect it things happen. A thank very much gift. Appreciation goes a long way and this reminds me keep going.


Thank you ST for the beautiful mini roses and especially the card… Ohhhh i love the french language. Just the right card to melt my heart.

Keep going because the greater things has yet to come! Hope you have a great Monday to start off your week.

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A month filled with birthdays and celebrations.  I thought it would be fitting to make mini cards to go with the gifts.  Self-art inspired by chevron, stripe, and line patterns.  Simple, chic, and pretty cards.  A touch of love and effort.




SUPPLIES:  White poster board any size, scissors, black permanent marker, and your inspiration pattern.

1} Cut a 4 x 2 blank card stock.

2} Decorate the front with what your heart desires.

3} Cut some diagonals on the ends or you can leave them straight.

4} Mini Cards done!  Write you message and its ready to go.

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Hope you enjoy this day to celebrate anyone who has sprinkled a wee bit or a lot of love into your life!  CELEBRATION of remembrance to those who are important to us.  GO CELEBRATE!

Happy birthday to my eldest brother!! XOXO.

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DIY message in a JAR.

As promised here is the message in a jar post I made for Mel’s farewell-new job-birthday celebrations.



1} A jar to store your messages (Jar from dollar tree)

2} A pile of 3×2″ white papers (computer paper is just fine)

3} A bunch of four inch strings for your guest to tie their message ( I used hemp strings)

4} Two card 8 x 12″ board pieces (cardboard from old boxes)

5} Utensils for your guest to write with.  Sharpies never a bad idea.

6} AND your creativity!



Message in a jar can be made for any occasion.  Its like a jar of reminders to boost ya up just when ya need it!  A gift that is thoughtful, unique, and filled with greatness.  Perfect gift for Mel as she left PDX–a little message from EVERYONE.  A bunch of messages for her to read when the homesick feeling rolls around.  The white cap was too plain I had to fancy it up with words and some colors.  The cap with SIX words I felt was necessary for her new chapter: perseverance, resilient, believe, hope, faith, and love.   Have fun creating your jar filled with messages for your love one.  Please share if you do–I would love to see the jar you create.

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What is this Sweetest day people are talking about?  Another imitation of Valentines day I thought to myself.  I paid it no mind and didn’t bother to do more research until a few friends this weekend asked me what do I have planned for my half?  I said with confidence, “This girls GOT IT! She’s  got it, she’s  got it!” as I’m dancing in a circle. *giggles*   Ohhh I was being silly.

Sweetest day is a holiday mostly celebrated in the Great lakes region.  A day of opportunity to celebrate remembrance of the sick, the aged and orphans, and any friends, relatives, and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.  Like I said, “another imitated V-Day!”.

At the get together last week one of my guy friend mentioned this day and said, “SWEETEST day is made for girls to spoil the guys for once.  I thought hmmm…it sounds great…BUT it wasn’t meant for that!  I told him give me one reason why it should be for the girls to splurge on the guys for once.  His answer:  “It will show your appreciation and love for the guys, but when you do that it will be reciprocated.  Love comes full circle anyways.  Men work hard…we put you ladies first everyday.”  I personally never really celebrated Valentines day.  I feel that the love should be shared everyday and when days like this comes around its a reminder to keep the lovin’ flowing.  ANYWAYS…I took my love one to the DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOW for some great laughs last night!  Celebrating a just because day. *SMILES*

What do you have gathered for your SWEETHEART?  You still have exactly 8 days.  Get on it.  Have a lovely SUNDAY!

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The weekend was filled with activities.  One of them was a farewell/new job celebration/birthday get together for one of my dearest friend.  We have known each other for a year and some and my the bond we have is out of this world.  From the laughters to the tears of happy and sad, we had it all, even our mini fights.  All in all she is an amazing person and we are alike in many ways.  The dream she spoke of a year and half ago came true!  Quicker than we expected.  The timing was just right.  I can’t stop being excited for her.  I am sad I won’t have her a few minutes away and also happy she will start her new chapter with great things awaiting for her!  XOXO to you MEL!!!!!!


I took this quote from F21.  They had it on one of  their notebook.  This was so fitting for Mel because although it is an ending to one chapter it is just the BEGINNING of another.


Message in a jar to help her through the gloomy days.  DIY message in the jar posting to come soon.


Many of us won’t be able to make it down on her birthday so I decided to add her birthday celebration in there as well.


Ahhmazingly she blew out all the candles…


Last but not least, Lava was able to join in on the fun celebration.  She was so calm that night and typically this little rascal is all over the place filled with energy.

The night was great and thanks to all who came to celebrate.  She will be back!!! =)

Happy Tuesday.

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CeeZee’s HANDMADE cards

Celebrate any occasion by giving your love one a CeeZee card.  Decorated by Caroline and Zosia.   I received one for my birthday and their goal excited me so much I had to go and support by buying another one.  My better half stumbled on these cards and he supported the locals: Two gals raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and saving up for medical school.  I say YES!  Thanks gals for the lovely unique crafted cards.   I wish you two the best with your company and endeavors.


I received the one with the simple pink button on the right.  It was so cute I had to go and support them by buying another.  got cupcakes?

Did you get your cupcakes?  I got mine!


Contact these gals for more products

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The lovely idea of Vikram and our friends.  Throughout the week the guys brainstormed and created some drink names and drinks.  My all time favorite that won’t make me tipsy nor too crazy is the Classy Almond.  My second favorite on the list was the

Roheezy…MUST HYDRATE after some dranks!  I had to craft a pretty frame for our drink menu.  I bought the wooden ikea frame and wood stand at Goodwill.  All for a good cause of purchase and it was inexpensive. Only 3 bucks and a gold spray can left over from my DIY gold-glitter Vase project.