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As of late, I had to find food that is filling and also a plus to my salt intake.  Typically, you’ll hear your doctor tell you DECREASE your salt intake because its causing your blood pressure to rise.  NOT this gal.  Doc said to me, ” You are going to have to INCREASE your salt intake, your blood pressure is too low.”  MY FACE EXPRESSION o_O.  Low blood pressure isn’t a problem until you start having symptoms.  The headache and lightheadedness was not my best friend.  So I went and searched for food that is not processed, contains salt, and also fiber to satisfy my body’s hunger.  Stumbled on roasted seaweed from Costco.  The store that always gets anybody’s wallet.  Do you eat seaweed as a snack?  My go to snack lately and keeps me full and satisfied for the next couple of hours.  For the sake of just the salt intake, I decided to do some research on nutrition benefits of eating seaweed.  Here


Seaweed is filled with plentiful of fiber content. It keeps you filled and feed your munch craves.  Better than eating a bag of skittle or chips and feeling lethargic 15 mins after AND needing more snacks!  Packed with Vitamin A & C all great for your immune system, skin, heart, eyes and plenty more.  The fiber can help aid your digestive system to pull in water and start bowel movements.  Contains virtually NO FAT!  Love to have NO FAT.  I had no idear it is filled with so much fiber


So crispy and YUM!


Time to snack away!

Will you snack on seaweed?  If you already do, please share your favorite flavor.


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