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CeeZee’s HANDMADE cards

Celebrate any occasion by giving your love one a CeeZee card.  Decorated by Caroline and Zosia.   I received one for my birthday and their goal excited me so much I had to go and support by buying another one.  My better half stumbled on these cards and he supported the locals: Two gals raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and saving up for medical school.  I say YES!  Thanks gals for the lovely unique crafted cards.   I wish you two the best with your company and endeavors.


I received the one with the simple pink button on the right.  It was so cute I had to go and support them by buying another.  got cupcakes?

Did you get your cupcakes?  I got mine!


Contact these gals for more products


2 thoughts on “CeeZee’s HANDMADE cards

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I’m so glad you were moved by our story! I showed your post to my parents and they were so excited! And I can’t wait to tell Zosia! We have a wordpress too, so feel free to follow it for updates on our cards ( We’re definitely following you! Thanks again for the support!

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