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Petite Provence

For the last two weeks I have been craving for macrons and while waiting for friends to arrive on Alberta I thought of Petite Provence.  Usually I would go and get a croissant at a french bakery..BUT I stumbled on these wonderfulicious Macrons.

I love the stripe to go package.

Almond Macron_TEE2ENVISAGE

My favorite one out of them all is the Almond BUT they were all tasty and delicious.  Second in line for favorite was the hazelnut!  My favorite place thus far in Portland for Macrons and it was only a buck and fifty each.  NOT BAD at all!

Caramel Macron_tee2envisage
Vanilla Macron_tee2envisage Passionfruit Macron_TEE2ENVISAGE

Last day to enjoy your extended weekend!  My sweet tooth was flu-filled this weekend.  Have a great MONDAY!  What has your palette craved for lately? Please share.

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