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birthday WEEKEND

BDAY 2013

Blessed with another year is all I can ask for.  On hindsight last year was filled with many challenges, hiccups, and accomplishments.  I planned and more doors opened.  There were times of uncertainty and I knew I will end the year with I’m ready for the next challenge!  Simple and chilled birthday is all I needed this year.

HBD from the future

Ever since I dog-sat the two Frenchies for our friends I fell in love!  My big smile was because of this reminder: my future frenchie will be here soon.  My creative and loving half drew our future Frenchie.  Love the details.

HBD love note

Every time I read a card from him it melts my heart and eyes filled with happy tears.  The words are much when needed and very heart felt.  Thank you love!

CZ Cards

The CZ cards are simple and pretty.  I will share more about these cards and it’s creators soon. Such a sweet story to the makings of this!  Hope you enjoyed the photos all taken with the Canon Mark II 5D. Have a great TUESDAY!


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