Grain and Gristle.

Guilty of not having a real burger since my days in West Palm Beach at GREASE.  I have been meaning to try Grain and Gristle’s Brunch.  FIRST time ordering a burger for brunch…Usually I would immediately order the french toast with berries.  NOPE not this time….waiter convinced me it was a MUST try burger as many rated this burger the BEST in Portland.  Better yet the fries were on point!  I love some crispy fries.


I love the wood and simple monogram of G & G against this brick wall color.

One of my favorite burger in Portland thus far…the other is Little BIG BURGER.  Maybe I’ll be on a BURGER hunting spree soon?!

What burger places are your favorite in Portland? Please share.


3 thoughts on “Grain and Gristle.

  1. Killer Burger is probably the best I have tried. Matchbox Lounge on Division has a great happy hour burger, and Victory also on Division has a stellar Venison burger. Oh, and Tasty N’ Sons has a pretty awesome blue cheese bacon burger on their happy hour menu too… 😀

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